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Change Locks, Lock replacement, Lock upgrade


The are several reasons someone can have to change locks. In fact, you don’t even need too many reasons! Just try changing the locks if you feel unsecured. If your door locks are not safe anymore and need to be changed, we are here to help.

The best decision you can make at this moment is to give us a call and we will handle the door lock replacement from there! We offer a no-fuss locksmith service for your door locks. Therefore, your door will be like new with new door locks and new keys, in minutes!

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Do you need a locksmith to change locks?

  • Have you lost keys? Do you need to change locks or just to upgrade them?
  • Need to upgrade your locks to meet insurance requirements? Change them with us now!
  • Do you need to change your locks following an employee’s departure?
  • Are you a landlord and you wanna change your locks after evicting a tenant from your property?
  • Have you recently had a break in and need to enhance security with better and more secured door locks?
  • Do you need extra security door locks to be fitted on your door for a better level of protection?
  • Simply seeking peace of mind when changing locks?
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Change locks and Stay Safe

A change is always good, especially when it comes to your safety. Whenever you feel your security is exposed, try and change the old lock with a better new lock. It can provide you with great peace of mind, especially when it’s a British Standard lock. So, you definitely should consider changing your locks if you have the possibility. 

If you wanna be changing your locks and have no idea what’s better for you, our NW Locksmith expert can come over to advise you and help you with a lock upgrade. Just so you know, every now and then it is recommended to have a locksmith over to check out the security of your home. Change the locks that are not working perfectly and do not risk locking yourself out. 

There are many reasons why you might want to have your door locks changed. Sometimes, it is a matter of emergency, otherwise, it simply feels better. For example, you might realize you lost keys and this could require a locksmith to attend to your home straight away. But you could also just need to book a locksmith for later on if there is no emergency involved. For example, when you are moving our locksmith might come in handy. No matter what’s the reason, we are here to help you change your locks anytime it’s necessary.

Do you need to secure your place? Chance your door locks with us. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Near Me London is a Locksmith Service with FAST Response. Are you locked out? Here is the answer: we are your local emergency locksmith. So, if you are located in North West London and North London our locksmiths are close by. Get in touch when you need a locksmith in North West London.

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Do you wanna change locks?

Ask a locksmith about best door locks.

Whether you are looking to update door locks and replace the old ones, or renew locks damaged due to attempted burglary or break-in, our local locksmiths can provide solutions to meet your unique requirements. From locks for windows and doors, safes, garages, shutters or cabinets, and everything up to and including full communal entry solutions, NW Locksmith is here to help! When it comes to any door lock installations, NW Locksmith is here to help. We will be able to assist you with your wooden door, composite door or uPVC door.

Types of door locks we can install on your door include mortice sash locks, euro profile cylinder locks, deadlocks, dead latches, key, codes, locking systems, and fire brigade locks, as well as master-suited systems for the opening of locks on a hierarchical basis with the convenience of only one key per person. Replacing door locks with new locks should be a fast and smooth service. Get a new door lock installed immediately. We can also help with lock repair if that’s the case. 

NW Locksmith will change locks fast

We offer tailored solutions for your needs so don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter what your reason is, we are a locksmith company here to help, 24 hours a day. All of our locksmiths are able to carry out full home security and insurance compliance check as part of our service. We can recommend all the locks and quality products that will meet British standards for your insurance.

So, our locksmith services are guaranteed, cost-effective solutions. We are using only high-quality door locks from our trustworthy providers so don’t hesitate to check with us for any details you might need. All our locksmiths will help you choose the best option for your door lock, depending on your requests, brand preferences, and how much it cost. They will provide all details and options when they get to your door and you will make your choice. 

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Locks you might have on your front door


Here, in South West London, among the most popular locks for front doors you will see in London are Mortice Locks, Deadlocks, Euro Cylinders, and Rim Locks. So, whenever you need to change the door locks, we have all types of standard locks or British Standard locks available at your disposal. All the locks are available 24 hours.

More than that, we can also help with your lock mechanism if that’s the issue. Changing locks should be a fast service and we can offer it 24h. Get your door locks changed and we will make sure you’ve got the best replacement lock fitted in no time. 


Rim cylinders are designed to fit standard night latches and are for use with surface-mounted door locks operating from a tail bar. Also, rim cylinders have bolts and a stem that projects out into the door.

Mortice Locks

A mortice lock is a lock that is fitted into a hole or pocket of a door. These types of locks are most commonly found on wooden doors and are popular in the UK and Europe. 

Euro Cylinders

European profile (or Euro profile) is a type of cylinder design predominately used in Europe. Unlike traditional mortise and rim cylinders, the Euro profile uses a single piece of metal to connect both sides of the lock.


If you wanna change your locks, you can’t go wrong. We are always advising our customers to change locks after a security issue. Improving the security of your existing doors is always a good idea. Keep you and your family or business safe! It’s a priority and an investment at the same time, so don’t hesitate to think more about the level of security needed and less about the money you spend. Get a door lock replacement anytime. 


We are here to offer personalized advice for your own situation when you wanna be changing your door locks, so ask a locksmith to come over and examine your door. For example, the best practice is to locate a rim night latch about one-third down from the top of the entrance door and a mortice deadlock about one-third up from the bottom.

The door locks on your existing door may be in less-than-ideal positions. A common lock arrangement seen by the Crime Prevention Officer all the time has the mortice lock in the centre of the door with the night latch just above it. There are so many lock change London options and there’s always room for improvement. If you wanna change locks, call us anytime.

change locks - RIM CYLINDERS


Rim cylinders are part of a Rim night latch system often referred to as a Yale-type lock. Mostly, you can find them on wooden and timber doors. So, rim cylinders are the outer part that you interact with on the outside to open the door with a key. 

This kind of cylinder has been around for a very long time. More than that, the basic version has not changed much to this day. Most manufacturers offer a high-security version, these are a lot more expensive but are worth the investment.

If you wanna have the best and most secure option, you need to look for a British Standard rim cylinder. Also, your night latch needs to be British Standard as well, if you wanna have a BS-approved door lock for your home security. 

When you decide to install a rim cylinder on your lock, we also recommend you check if has any of the properties down mentioned below. 

lock change rim cylinder lock nw locksmith
lock change electro-mechanical-rim-lock-6

Locks Anti drilling

  • Prevents drilling methods

Anti Bump

  • Stops the lock from being bumped

Can't be picked

  • Prevents thieves picking open the lock
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How to Change Your Rim Cylinder Lock


If you have a timber front door, the chances are it will be fitted with a rim lock. The rim locks are usually having two parts: a night latch on the inside of the door and a cylinder with a key on the outside.


To replace the keyed cylinder, the locksmith will have to remove the night latch. Once the fixing screws are out, the night latch can be eased away from the door.


After that, the locksmith will remove the cylinder out of the door. When he is ready to replace the cylinder, the locksmith will measure the old cylinder and a replacement it with another one in the same length. Otherwise, the new cylinder won’t fit in the door. If the new cylinder is too long, he will cut it down to suit your door thickness, so there’s nothing to be worried about.


After he places the new cylinder and the night latch on the door, he will check out the door again with you, so you will see by yourself that everything works well again. 

There is just one standard size available for Rim Cylinders so a locksmith will have no problem replacing the lock for you. Rim cylinders can also be keyed alike so you can use one key for every lock in your home.

Materials used for a cylinder Change Locks

Materials the locksmith will be using when he will change the cylinder of your door: cross-head screwdriver, flat screwdriver, hacksaw, workbench, file. 


  • Easy to use
  • Door Locks automatically once shutting


  • Unless you fit a BS 3621-night latch, will require an additional lock fitted to your door to improve security, such as a mortice lock.

change locks - MORTICE LOCKS


Mortice (Mortise locks) is fitted into a hole or pocket of a door, the word mortice refers to the hole in the door in which the lock is fitted. These types of locks are most commonly found on wooden doors and are more popular in the UK and Europe.

A mortice lock is often referred to as a ‘Chubb’ type lock by people in the UK since Chubb has become the brand leader for this type of lock during the last few decades.

So, the mortice locks are either deadlocks or sash locks. Sashlocks incorporate a handle and latch mechanism, normally found on back doors.

Mortice Locks are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Lever Mortice Locks
  2. Cylinder Mortice Locks
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lock change mortice lock overview diagram nw locksmith

Lever Mortice Locks

These locks are the most common type of mortice locks and are fitted to domestic properties in the UK. Most of them are working in the same way: a key is inserted into the lock and when is turned it lifts the levers to the correct height. At this stage, the bolt is enabeled to be locked and unlocked.

The security of the Lever Mortice locks depends on the number of levers and the thickness of the doors. Generally, the more levers you have on the lock case, the thicker the lock becomes. So, a lock with 5 levers is more secure than a lock with 2 levers.

Here are the most common lever locks: 

2 lever mortice locks

  • The lock case is thin
  • Suitable for installation in to low security interior doors, less than 45mm thick
  • Not recommended for security on external doors.

3 lever mortice locks

  • More secure than 2 lever mortice lock
  • More brands available on the market
  • Suitable for interior doors less than 45mm thick
  • Not recommended for security on external doors

5 lever mortice locks

  • Lock cases vary in sizes and manufacturers
  • Can be used for medium level of security doors
  • Suitable on internal doors and external doors
  • Most locks come with a box strike

5 lever British Standard (BS 3621) mortice locks

  • All the same features as a 5 lever lock with a high security level
  • Anti-drill plates either side of the lock case and a larger reinforced deadbolt
  • Compatible with internal and external doors
  • Box strike comes as standard

Change your Mortice lock


Just so you know, there are two types of Mortice Lock: the mortice Sash Lock and the Mortice Dead Lock. The Sash Lock is often used on back doors and has a latch involved. A Mortice Deadlock has only a bolt and it is typically used on the front door, together with the night latch. Sash Locks are almost identical to mortice deadlocks but incorporate a live bolt or latch in addition to the deadbolt. 

The locksmith will take all the necessary measurements of your existing lock and he will choose a new lock that will perfectly fit.


How we can help - Mortice lock

The measurement process for both the Deadlocks and the Sashlocks is almost the same but a really important aspect is the faceplate height. A Mortice Lock will typically have a 2, 3, or 5-lever mechanism. The level of security is getting higher if there are more levers on a lock. 

Firstly, for the Mortice lock, the locksmith first removes the screws of the faceplate. Also, for the Sash lock, the handles will be removed as well. The expert will now compare the size of the new lock with the size of the old lock. His purpose is to match them perfectly. After everything is done, he will just push in the door the replacement lock. Also, he will put back the handles when he is replacing a Sash Lock. More than that, he will remove the existing keep from the door frame and will adjust the cut.  

In the end, your local locksmith will check the operation of the lock with the door open. The door will be shut and the lock will be tested again. 

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Materials used for a Mortice lock or Sash Change Locks

Materials the locksmith might be using when he will change the Mortice lock of a door of your door: safety goggles, tape measure, flathead screwdriver, cross-head screwdriver, hammer, wood chisel, and pencil. 

ADVANTAGES Mortice lock vs. Sash Lock

  • If it has 5 lever it means it was tested against common burglar techniques such as lock picking and drilling.
  • Can be keyed alike
  • You can pass the Insurance requirements with this lock

DISADVANTAGES Mortice lock vs. Sash Lock

  • A mortice deadlock NOT conforming to BS3621 means the lock may only be tested by the manufacturer. So, it may not be tested against burglar techniques.

change locks - EURO CYLINDERS


These days Euro Cylinders are more and more popular due to the diversity and scalability cylinder locks offer. They are both secured and practical. A huge benefit is the ability to remove the cylinder and to replace it with a new one, without having to remove and replace the entire lock out of the door.

More than that, the Euro cylinders can be supplied keyed-alike and master-keyed. This is a big advantage in comparison with the lever-operated door locks. Also, you can choose them to be color-matched to other door furniture. They will suit any door thickness because they are so diverse in sizes, especially with modular-based cylinders.

Locksmith MOUNTING EURO CYLINDER lock change


Security-wise, the cylinders work using different length pins which sit into the grooves on the key. These days they are using six different cuts and normally around 10 cut-depths on each. So, the amount of differs available is substantially greater than that of most lever-based locks.

The high-security cylinders (such as EPS cylinders) are also anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-drill. In addition to this, you can get protected registered keys, which only you can have cut. So, this way, you can maintain the security of your keys too.  

Master key cylinder systems

Moreover, we are already using the master key cylinder systems for companies and individuals on a daily basis.  To us, it’s second nature, but if you’re unfamiliar with how they work and you want a more in-depth look at master key systems, then please have a look down below.

Change your Euro Cylinder Lock


All the Euro cylinders have the same type of shape, so the locksmith will have to find you only the right measurements for your new cylinder. The Euro-cylinders can have a key slot on each side, others have a key slot on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. The difference between them can be in the length of the lock, the finish, and the level of security.  

The locksmith will measure your existing lock to know what the perfect size for your replacement lock. Also, he will slightly remove the handles of the door, and this way he can remove any pressure of the lock. After that, the lock will come out easly and he will be replaced with the new lock.   

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Materials used for a Euro Cylinder Change Locks

Mostly, the materials the locksmith will use when changing the Euro Cylinder on your door are pretty basic: a ruler and a cross-head screwdriver. Even if the lock replacement process is simple, the secret is in the labor and attention to detail.

Euro Cylinder ADVANTAGES

  • Will help to prevent lock snapping, drilling, lock bumping or picking
  • Easy to operate
  • Easily changed to upgrade to a higher standard of security
  • Can be keyed alike or master keyed so fewer keys are required to a property


  • At risk to lock snapping and other forms of attack if the correct security standard is not fitted
  • Ask the locksmith more details about your particular situation. Every door is different and he has the experience to give you the best advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

NW Locksmith

What should I do if I am lockout?

Firstly, if you are lockout as you read, please, don’t panic. Call NW Locksmith and we will be there in 10-20 minutes – it depends on the hour when you are calling and on how busy we are. But no worries, we are always trying to be there as quick. The locksmith will come over your place and he will let you know what can you do in your situation. He has everything he needs to sort you out in case of a lockout in his truck, so the time is not going to be a problem. We are a mobile locksmith service (not a shop!) and we aim to be the quickest London Locksmith. Our clients are our number one priority.

What are the prices of a locksmith?

Our company’s motto is NO hidden fees whenever you have to open or change the locks. We are aware of how many locksmith companies are out there but the locksmith won’t proceed if you don’t agree with the prices. Of course, the prices will vary all the time – it depends a lot on your particular situation, on the lock replacement and on how much the locksmith has to work. For sure we don’t work for free, but we like to call us affordable locksmiths. Just to give you an estimate, the prices in our company are starting from £45 but you can check our range of prices on our price page. For us, it’s really important to let you know that we offer a transparent service. Therefore, we will always advise on the costs involved before proceeding with any work! So, don’t worry and ask our local locksmiths to come over and help open or change the locks.

How quickly do you attend the job?

An average of our time response would be 15 minutes but it depends a lot on the traffic. We are locals, based on Marylebone Road, so we have to calculate the trip from our office to your place. If the locksmith is coming to you from straight another job the time may be different. The locksmith is driving as fast as possible but sometimes it is not up to him to go faster. We are trying to be quick and to work speedy – We do understand when there’s an emergency. Also, if you are calling us during peak times, it might be hard to dispatch a locksmith straight away as there are many jobs around that time. But, no worries. If we are getting too busy we will give you an approximate ETA on the phone and we will see if it works for you.

Do you really cover evenings and weekends?

YES, we are always taking emergency calls! We are getting many calls mostly during the Weekends or late evenings, so our Locksmith company never stops. So, we are working 247!! A 247 service means we are working 24 hours with no exception, all the time, no matter what. Bad weather, late nights, or weekends, there’s no excuse. We will be there, just call!

How long does it take it fix a broken lock?

Again, this will be another vague answer but all the doors are REALLY different and we are using a WIDE range of locks, different models, and levels of security. Therefore, there are different methods of door opening but the locksmith will explain everything on-site. Just to give you a rough estimate, a normal door should be open in about 5 minutes if we are talking about a simple low-security lock because our highly trained locksmiths know exactly what they are doing and they are working really quick. But… there’s always a but, isn’t it? When it’s not up to them, a job can last even 2 hours. in short, it depends a lot on the circumstances.

What are the lock requirements for household insurance?

Mostly, the insurance policies are asking for external British Standard BS3621 locks. So, it’s either a five-lever mortice deadlock/sash lock or a multi-point locking system. The locksmith will advise you what’s the best option for your particular door.

Should I change the locks when I move home?

YES! We’ve got plenty of after-burglary or after break-in cases in our company because of this matter. When you move house you might be excited with the interior design and other things like this but you have to remember that your house safety is the most important issue. So, please don’t forget to change the old locks and check all the ways of access you have on your new property. A locksmith can come over for a proper evaluation and he can give you the best advice on how to level up your home security. If you need more details you can read more about this here, on our website, in the section BURGLARY PREVENTION OR AFTER BREAK-IN REPAIRS.

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