ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
Email: [email protected] CALL NOW! 07383010010
ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
Email: [email protected] CALL NOW! 07383010010
We are a company of Emergency Locksmiths in NW London (North - West area)

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NW1 5GB – 138 Marylebone Road
London, United Kingdom 

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    Locked Out Of House Emergency Locksmiths
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    We are a team of expert emergency locksmiths

    Mobile Locksmith Service

    NW locksmith is an established Emergency Locksmith – a local locksmith company that caters to the North West, West, and South West areas of London but we are still locals! As a mobile Emergency Locksmith service, we pride ourselves on our high-quality labor, punctuality, and, most of all, professionalism.


    Also, with our Emergency Locksmith, you can always choose! So, either if it’s an emergency or an appointment, we aim to provide the best service possible and we will do our best to get be at your door in the shortest time possible. We can cover the North West area of London, the West area of London, and the SW area of London within 10-15 minutes of your phone call. For sure, the job is done well as we will send you our helpful and experienced mobile technicians, fully equipped. 

    24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths 

    Mostly, the locksmith companies are working on a standard schedule. But, here we are! Working 24 hours a day to be sure you can get help quickly! Many of you will be in need of a locksmith in weekends, on late hours or early in the morning. Therefore, we strive to be there for you when you need them most! Also, we wanna be sure that everyone is satisfied with our emergency locksmith services. Whether for an emergency or a scheduled appointment, you can give us a call and our friendly staff in the office will always on hand to cater to your individual circumstances.



    Head Offices: is located in NW1 (This is how we explain our company name. We are locals and we wanted to let you know from the beginning).

    Full address: 138 Marylebone Road, NW1 5GB, London (North West London). 

    Free Advice and Estimates with our Emergency Locksmiths

    With us, you can always call to discuss your security needs. So, one of our expert locksmith fitters will offer you unconditional and comprehensive advice and estimates for your requirements. More than that, he will also provide a free of charge detailed and accurate quote for your door lock installation needs. We operate on a ,,no hidden fees” policy and we will always give you an honest, cost-effective price.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NW Locksmith - Emergency Locksmiths

    What should I do if I am lockout?

    Firstly, if you are lockout as you read, please, don’t panic. Call NW Locksmith and we will be there in 10-20 minutes – it depends on the hour when you are calling and on how busy we are. But no worries, we are always trying to be there as quickly as possible. The locksmith will come over your place and he will let you know what can you do in your situation. He has everything he needs to sort you out in case of a lockout in his truck, so the time is not going to be a problem. We are a mobile locksmith service (not a shop!) and we aim to be the quickest London Locksmith in the North West area of London.

    What are the prices of your emergency locksmiths?

    Our company’s motto is NO hidden fees. We are aware of how many locksmith companies are out there but the locksmith won’t proceed if you don’t agree with the prices. Of course, the prices will vary all the time – it depends a lot on your particular situation and on how much work is involving your case for the locksmith. For sure we don’t work for free – especially in the emergency services – but we like to call us affordable. Yes, we are the affordable locksmiths you were looking for. Just to give you an estimate, the prices in our company are starting from £45 but you can check our range of prices on the price page. For us, it’s really important to let you know that we offer a transparent service. Therefore, we will always advise on the costs involved before proceeding with any work!

    How quickly do you attend the job?

    An average of our time response would be 15 minutes but it depends a lot on the traffic. We are locals, based on Marylebone Road, so we have to calculate the trip from our office to your place. If the locksmith is coming to you from straight another job the time may be different. The locksmith is driving as fast as possible but sometimes it is not up to him to go faster. We are trying to be quick and to work speedy – We do understand when there’s an emergency. Also, if you are calling us during peak times, it might be hard to dispatch a locksmith straight away as there are many jobs around that time. But, no worries. If we are getting too busy we will give you an approximate ETA on the phone and we will see if it works for you.

    Do you really cover evenings and weekends?

    YES, we are always taking emergency calls! We are getting many calls mostly during the Weekends or late evenings, so our Locksmith company never stops. So, we are working 247!! A 247 service means we are working 24 hours with no exception, all the time, no matter what. Bad weather, late nights, or weekends, there’s no excuse. We will be there, just call!

    How long does it take it fix a broken lock?

    Again, this will be another vague answer but all the doors are REALLY different and we are using a WIDE range of locks, different models, and levels of security. Therefore, there are different methods of door opening but the locksmith will explain everything on-site. Just to give you a rough estimate, a normal door should be open in about 5 minutes if we are talking about a simple low-security lock because our highly trained locksmiths know exactly what they are doing and they are working really quick. But… there’s always a but, isn’t it? When it’s not up to them, a job can last even 2 hours. in short, it depends a lot on the circumstances.

    What are the lock requirements for household insurance?

    Mostly, the insurance policies are asking for external British Standard BS3621 locks. So, it’s either a five-lever mortice deadlock/sash lock or a multi-point locking system. The locksmith will advise you what’s the best option for your particular door.

    Should I change the locks when I move home?

    YES! We’ve got plenty of after-burglary or after break-in cases in our company because of this matter. When you move house you might be excited with the interior design and other things like this but you have to remember that your house safety is the most important issue. So, please don’t forget to change the old locks and check all the ways of access you have on your new property. A locksmith can come over for a proper evaluation and he can give you the best advice on how to level up your home security. If you need more details you can read more about this here, on our website, in the section BURGLARY PREVENTION OR AFTER BREAK-IN REPAIRS.



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