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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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Lock Installation, Lock Fitting, Lock Repair

Do you need a lock installation? Or maybe you finally just wanna fix your lock? NW Locksmith has specialist installers of locks and security measures. Our highly qualified locksmiths are able to fit a new lock to your door or repair existing locks. We can help with lock installation, lock fitting, or lock replacement at any time. Just give us a call and we’ll be there! So, CALL NOW: 07383010010



New lock Installation NW LOCKSMITH

Don't change the entire door if only the lock is faulty!

Always choose a lock installation when your lock is not working as it used to. Surely, a good new door lock keeps the burglars away, not the homeowner
Our NW Locksmith can fix a jammed door lock for you within just a few minutes. Here are some common causes of your jammed door lock:

  • Mechanisms filled with gunk
  • Broken keys
  • Loose door locks and handles
  • Rust and misalignment
  • Extreme weather conditions
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When do you need a lock installation?

On both residential or commercial properties the locks can get faulty for no reason. Of course, this means your level of security will be questionable and you have to find a solution. Therefore, you have to realize, from the beginning, that the lock itself is not a fixed object but a mechanical device. So, there is a big chance to see some wear and tear signs after a while. More than that, several different components hold the body of the lock together with all the small different parts. Obviously, if any of these components fall apart, the lock will not work anymore like it used to.

Prevent a security problem with a lock installation

Unfortunately, most people don’t call a locksmith straight away. They wait until it’s too late and the problem is more complicated. If you wanna prevent a bad situation to happen on your property, like a burglary for example, then you should consider calling for a locksmith. The sooner you ask as to come, the easier the job will be. Let him deal with your lock and your door will work again as it used to! Mostly, it doesn’t have to be a broken lock involved to ask the locksmith to come over. NW Locksmith can only run some checks, for your peace of mind. Call us now!

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Jammed Locks and Jammed Latches


If you are looking right now on the internet on ,,learn how to fix a door lock that is jammed’‘, please seek professional support. So, call us because NW Locksmith can professionally help! Really important, safety comes first and it is not a DIY project. Don’t ignore your door lock problems and ask a specialist if you are safe. So, if your door lock doesn’t work anymore one day, do not neglect it and get in touch with us! We can help really quick with our emergency locksmith services!

Why is your door jammed?

There are plenty of reasons for your door locks to jam up and most of them could involve the internal mechanism. Also, if the latch or lock bolt is broken, the door lock will be jammed for sure. The cause for this problem can be different and only an experienced locksmith will know how to treat it in any situation.

A jammed lock can potentially make you more problems, like a key broken into a lock, a broken bolt or latch. You should not ignore door lock problems, like jammed locks and jammed latches, because the consequences might be further reaching than you think.

Call a locksmith to fix a jammed door

If you wanna solve your door lock problem you need to start from the roots. First, the locksmith determines the cause of your jammed door lock. Therefore, the first step is an early diagnose of the problem.

Let’s assume the door lock is jammed, as a result of a blocked keyway. In this case, the primary solution is to clean the keyway and to get rid of any dirt or obstructions. The locksmith will try to clear out the keyway of the lock by applying generously some sort of lubricant. Choosing the right lubricant for your specific lock is a crucial step for your lock. If the locksmith chooses the wrong solution, the door lock can get harmed. The dry lubricants like graphite or the wet lubricants like WD-40 are the best solution for the doors locks.

Ask for new lock installation in case of a faulty lock

Other than that, if the problem of the door is a broken bolt or latch, then the door lock should be repaired or may be replaced. We have to advise you, this is not a job that the average property owner can tackle on their own. It might be tempting to try and bend the bolt back to its original shape, but this only weakens your lock. The best solution to this particular door lock problem is to replace the bolt or the latch if it is beyond repair. It is better to ask for help and the locksmith will always advise you what’s the best solution for your door!

The key is broken in the lock


A key broken in the lock is the worst scenario and can cause a lot of trouble. For sure, you have to ask a locksmith to come over if you wanna gain access to your property again. Surely, one of the most devastating door lock problems a key is broken into the lock.

When you are asking a locksmith to come and help, he will take you through the process of extracting the broken key from the lock’s keyway. Obviously, if the lock is not working anymore, he will suggest you to replace it, in order to save your door. But if a key is broken off with enough force, it might damage your door lock. In this case, you don’t have any other option than to change locks.

Why do you have to call a locksmith if your key is broken

Compared to any other door lock problems, a broken key in a lock is a really delicate case. In many situations, the broken key inside the lock can lead to a replacement lock. But there are also big chances for your lock to be saved! The locksmith will be the only one who will decide this after he will analyze the situation. 

The locksmith analyzes the situation

First, he will try to save your lock. He will try to extract the broken key pieces from the door lock without damage if this is possible!! Attention, it is not always possible but the locksmith will advise you about this on-site. 

Hint: please stay away from the door after you broke the key inside the lock. If you try to open the door while there still are broken key pieces inside the keyway, you might damage the entire mechanism. In this case, it will be the only way to replace the lock. So please, let the locksmith try to open the door and do not force it when he is on his way.

Don’t risk a lockout 

If the locksmith will extract your broken key successfully, he will try the door to see if everything works smoothly after this incident. Even in this case, you can’t be absolutely sure that all works well. If the locksmith says the lock is damaged, you have to replace it with a new one anyway. Otherwise, you can risk being locked out again.

Lock repairs for loose Locks or Handles


A loose door lock doesn’t sound like the most frightening thing but sometimes appearances are deceiving. Maybe you are wondering how some door lock parts become loose and fall apart in the first place. Well, after a while, the wear and tear issues are coming up.

Wear and tear issues

After a long period of use, a loose door lock sounds like something normal, especially for the main doors. The screws which fasten various parts of the lock together are coming undone over time. Also, sometimes the internal components are not connecting the way they should. Any of these may result in a loose door lock, door handle, or doorknob.

Therefore, the security maintenance of a house is something normal. So, if you notice that your door lock is loose, ask for a routine check from our experienced locksmiths. Any of them will solve the problem in minutes and you will stay safe again. Call us now: 07383010010

Why should you call a locksmith for a loose door lock

It might look like a manageable issue but if you choose to ignore the problem, imagine the next possible scenario. Usually, after the first signs of a loose lock, you will find yourself locked out at some point. And, believe us, it happens exactly when you really don’t want to waste time. Therefore, finding yourself incapable of opening your door because of a loose lock is not something unusual. So, it’s just a matter of time until it happens.

Prevent a break-in

More than that, if you prefer to ignore your loose door lock, you can easily be the victim of a break-in. When the burglars can identify weakness on a door, they will find accessing your place an easy target. Furthermore, having a loose door lock can potentially be a fire hazard. If the fire door locks are loose and worn down, fires will spread much faster. 

A Locksmith can fix your lock in minutes

Another common reason for loose door locks is that the internal components are not connecting the way they should. This situation results in a loose door lock, door handle, or doorknob. Some of the components in question are the set screw, the fastener, and also the spindle that connects both halves of your doorknob, door lock or door handle.

A locksmith can fix any of these problems for you. These door lock problems are an easy job for a locksmith. However, you should require the expertise of an experienced locksmith if the door lock problems are more complicated than they seem.

Faulty cylinder - Turning Lock Cylinder


Certainly, when you turn your key in the cylinder and the door lock doesn’t work, there is a problem. However, if you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder turns, the problem is even bigger than you think. Usually, it means you have a damaged set screw or a loose set screw. The set screw needs to be accessed and tightened to make the cylinder work again. But sometimes the solution doesn’t work if your lock is different than a regular one.

If you have a problem like this, we are sure you don’t wanna risk being locked out. Ask a locksmith to come over and help you over!

Why do you have to call a locksmith to fix your cylinder

For sure, the locksmith will do his best to fix your lock, if this is possible. Firstly, he will access the set screws that hold the cylinder in place. Sometimes, the locksmith will have to remove the faceplate or a part of the lock from the door. Really important, take into consideration that every lock is different, so these steps are just the standard process. However, only an expert locksmith will be able to work with your lock without causing bigger damage while trying to repair it. After he locates the set screws, he will tight them and place the faceplate back. If the set screws are damaged or rusted, the locksmith will replace them before the faceplate will be closed.

In the end, there will be a final test of your door lock. This way, you both will see if all works smoothly. If the cylinder can not stay firmly in place, the locksmith might recommend a replacement lock for your safety. He will be transparent with the entire process and you will be the one making the choices on how he will proceed!

Door needs alignment


Misaligned locks or misaligned strike plates are very easy to spot. So, the key parts of the mechanism are not lined up properly and the lock is not functioning as it used to. Certainly, the latch or the locking bolt are not lined up with the door locks strike plate anymore.

Surely, this is a common door lock problem and we tell you more about it here. Moreover, the locked door can be misaligned because of a bad door installation from the beginning or because of the extreme weather conditions.

Get your door aligned as soon as possible

For sure, if your door lock is misaligned, it will become difficult for you to operate the door normally. You will usually notice that the lock isn’t working smoothly or, worst, is no locking at all. So, if you suspect that something is wrong, the easiest way to find out is to measure corner to corner across the diagonals of the door. When the measurements are near enough the same, or to within a couple of millimeters, there is another reason and the door is not dropped. But, if you can see a 10mm difference in measurements, that is too much. Well, we just wanna let you know that you need a locksmith to fix it for you!

Moreover, if the misalignment is not fixed by a professional in the shortest time possible, your door lock problems will compound and get worse. It can lead to broken door locks or broken doors, because of the unnecessary pressure whenever you try to close the door. Eventually, this action can damage your door lock bolt. These are serious door lock problems that should be addressed quickly to an expert locksmith.

Why do you have to call a locksmith to fix your cylinder

Door lock problems (like misaligned locks) are easy to spot and to fix. However, the solutions for the broken locks are carried out with just a few tools. Before you try anything on your own, please ask a locksmith to come. If you do not use tools regularly, do not attempt to fix a lock on your own. You might cause more harm than good, and you will pay more for a locksmith service to rectify your damage.

Do not attempt to fix a lock on your own – it can get worst

So, when the locksmith is at your door, he examines the door screws door hinges. This way, he lets you know what’s the problem. It can be either your door or your door lock. So, it is imperative to ask a locksmith to come when you see that you can’t close your door properly. Do not hesitate to call now our residential or commercial locksmith. We can help! Also, the locksmith will fix your lock or will do a lock installation really quickly for you, if that’s the issue. Your security is a priority and an emergency for us!

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Benefits of a lock installation / fix lock

What if your lock is not working anymore? Our locksmiths are here to help with a new lock installation!

Definitely, it might be tempting to save a bit of cash and try to fix the lock yourself but, please, stop! In most cases, this leads to a lot of time wasted and extra expenses. More than that, door lock repairs are a lot trickier than they might look at first sight. 

If you ask for a professional NW locksmith to come, he will be able to help with any of the following services. 

  • Our company can provide all the tools and equipment to complete the job safety and without an unwanted damage.
  • For sure, we will spray graphite into the lock for lubrification to see if the lock can be fixed before starting on a costly replacement service
  • Our locksmith can fix any frames that have been damaged during our lock repair process.
  • Screws on the door hinges will be tighten where the lock has affected the existing latch stability of the frame.
  • In case of a new lock installation or a lock replacement, we will provide a new set of keys on site.
  • Moreover, we follow-up any possible future problems you might have with our newly installed lock as we guarantee for our work for at least one year (it depends on the brand and security level of the lock).

We are a team of expert locksmiths - LOCK INSTALLATION


NW locksmith is an established local locksmith company that caters to the North West area of London. Lately, we’ve extended our coverage area to London but we are still locals! As a mobile service, we pride ourselves on our high-quality labor, punctuality, and, most of all, professionalism. Also, with us, you can always choose! So, either is an emergency or an appointment, we aim to provide the best service possible and we will do our best to get be at your door in the shortest time possible. We can cover the North West area of London within 10-15 minutes of your phone call. For sure, the job is done well as we will send you our helpful and experienced mobile technicians, fully equipped. 


Mostly, the locksmith companies are working on a standard schedule. But, here we are! Working 24 hours a day to be sure you can get help quickly! Many of you will be in need of a locksmith on weekends, late hours, or early in the morning when almost all the other London locksmith companies are not working. Therefore, we strive to be there for you when you need them most! Also, we wanna be sure that everyone is satisfied with our emergency locksmith services.

As a result, whether for an emergency or a scheduled appointment, you can give us a call and our friendly staff in the office will always on hand to cater to your individual circumstances.

Head Offices: is located in NW1 (this is how we explain the name, we are locals and we wanted to let you know from the beginning): Suite 42, 138 Marylebone Road, NW1 5GB, London (North West London). 

Lock installation

Why to choose us? Key Benefits NW Locksmith

When you need a locksmith in North West London, you can rely on NW Locksmith. Our company is always on just one phone call away, 24 hours a day. We will send you a certified and experienced locksmith to wherever you’re based in the North West area of London. Call NW Locksmith now!

  • We offer at least 1 YEAR WARRANTY for ALL our locks!
  • Our team has a 24hr rapid response! Get in touch any time!
  • Our locksmiths are DBS Checked and POLICE APPROVED!
  • Get rewarded for your company choice! We value our costumers and we wanna be your trusted contact when something is wrong with your security. That's why we offer you great prices when you get back to us! Ask our locksmiths for more details on site!
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