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Locksmith For Burglary - Prevention and After Break-In Repairs


Burglary Prevention Or After Break-In Repairs – NEED TO SPEAK TO A LOCKSMITH? CALL: 07383010010


Locksmith for Burglary - After Burglary repairs or Burglary prevention

NW LOCKSMITH After Burglary repairs

Do you need a locksmith for burglary? Call us as soon as possible so we can secure your house with the best quality locks.

In London, burglaries are happening all the time. Day and night, we frequently have emergency calls from burglary victims for emergency repairs after a break-in. When you see yourself in this position, you wanna solve the situation fast and you wanna feel secure again. That’s why we are here for!

Prevent bad situations with our Expert Locksmith for Burglary

But why aren’t you one step ahead of the burglars? The methods criminals use to carry out a residential burglary change over time, but the way they choose their targets remains the same. In London and everywhere else, while security is effective at keeping a burglar out, the most effective strategy is to prevent your home from becoming a target in the first place. Therefore, our security experts are here to help! You can keep your home secured with good security advice, high-security locks, and stronger mechanisms or gates. So, we can help you to put the burglars off. Keep the burglars out and make it hard to steal your valuables if they, however, manage to break-in.

So, how can you reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted by burglars?

After carrying out so many repairs after burglaries in London, our company can offer you the advice and the security you need to stay safe in your own house. Therefore, in this section, we explain how you can protect your belongings through prevention, deterrence, and home security from our own experience. Of course, a technician can offer you better ideas and advice on-site, for your particular property. 

Firstly, you have to understand that most of the burglars in London most likely to be active between 9 am and 5 pm, as most people will be at work during the day. Contrary to popular belief, the burglars are targeting the front doors, the back doors, and the windows.

How can I get Burglared in London?

Usually, they prefer silent get in methods, like snapping or even picking your locks. Therefore, you should know what type of lock you have and you have to try to make their entry impossible. This means that our trained and experienced locksmiths will know exactly what your property needs best. We will always do our best in order to prevent such unfortunate events!

As you can see in the scheme, the majority are using the main door or the back door to get in. After these two options, they try to get inside of your house using the first-floor windows. What does it mean? If you wanna be safe, you need to invest more in quality security for these areas. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving for work in the morning. Also, all entry and exit points are secured with one or more high-quality locks.

Top 3 methods how intruders break-in:

Front Door34%
1st Floor Windows23%
Back Door22%


A common fault is homeowners leaving their house keys within reach of the door. If this is the case, a burglar can often reach them through a letterbox or cat-flap using objects or tools found in the garden.

of burglaries are a result of the intruder gaining access through the door.

Locksmith For Burglary - Call NW Locksmith

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58.3% of home break-ins are forcible entry, and if your door locks are loose, it’s easy for burglars to exploit your home. Change your faulty locks now!


Locksmith for Burglary - Advice on how to prevent burglary:

REGULAR SECURITY CHECKS with our locksmith for burglary

  • Ask a locksmith to check your locks regularly (once per year if you can't notice any fault). You have to be sure you have a high level of security on your doors!
  • Don't forget to lock your all your doors and windows before leaving for work, and going to bed. Moreover, please install more than one lock on your front door. This way, the entrance time on your property will take longer and it is more likely to discourage the burglars to attempt a break-in.
  • Be careful with the keys! Try to keep your own house keys away from any point of easy access from outside, like your windows and doors. Most likely, keep them in a key safe. The same applies to your car keys: keep them away from the entrance and other obvious areas, or locked in a key safe.

GREAT SECURITY TIPS from our locksmith for burglary

  • Really important, be careful when you choose the door for you property, Check if your letter box is secured because there is a big chance for the burglar to reach the nearby keys or to undo the latch from outside the house when you are not home.
  • If you wanna be sure that you are safe and insurance approved, ask a locksmith to use only British Standard approved locks. These looks meet BS3621 on all entry points and most likely the burglars will stay away from your property.
  • Be sure you have more than a secured lock! A visible active home alarm system or CCTV discourages burglars from approaching the property. More than that, you can try to make it hard for strangers to know when the property will be empty if you use use light timer switches while you’re away. We can try to help you with our most trusted collaborators with CCTV systems, if they are available.


  • In case of a burglary, you can prevent the damage if you are smart. Store all your valuables that are infrequently used in the roof-space of your home or other hard-to-reach areas. Burglars do not want to enter areas of the house they cannot quickly escape if they are discovered. We can help you with secured indoor locks as well!
  • Don't temp them to attempt anything on your property! Furthermore, try to keep your most valuable items, laptops, PCs, phones or tablets out of sight from the windows.
  • Valuables that are used more frequently should be stored in a safe secured to the wall or floor. If you ever loose your key for the safe we can help you to unlock it, so there nothing to be worried about!
  • Check the Police’s advice for property marking if you wanna make recovery easier following a loss or burglary. If a burglar knows that a property is marked or traceable, they may choose to skip it!

Locksmith For Burglary - Call NW Locksmith

NW LOCKSMITH - 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Near Me London Service

A burglary occurs every 40 seconds in the UK! Therefore, try to prevent burglary and change your front door standard locks with high-secured locks!

Before Burglary – Prevention with our Expert Locksmith for Burglary 

How can we help BEFORE any burglary attempt, so you can prevent an unhappy event on your property? 

Obviously, burglars will often assess a house’s security before attempting entry. We can come over and check whether the front door or your back door is securely locked or monitored. Also, we can help you with the best option to secure your windows. A burglar knows whether this point of entry is worth attempting. If there are windows in or around a door, the burglar will also assess whether there are security devices to avoid, or vulnerabilities they can use to their advantage.

We will think about your particular situation and we will find together the best solution. If the front door is secured or easily visible from the street, the burglars for sure will move to the rear of the house, where they are less likely to be seen. 

After Burglary – Repairs with our Locksmith for Burglary Cases

How can we help AFTER any burglary attempt, so you can finally be safe on your property? 

Certainly, if you fortify your home as if you are preparing for the end of the world, it will be nearly impossible for a burglar to compromise your security and your safety.

But let’s assume you didn’t want to do all of these and you are now in a position where everything is a disaster. We can understand what an awful experience can be to come back home, to your safe space, and find that it has been broken into.

Maybe you are shaking, you are questioning your safety and security, and it fosters a deep sense of distrust for the state of things around you. Unfortunately, it happens to many Londoners daily but we are here to help you out! 



First of all, if you’ve been burgled, our main priority is to make you feel safe, as soon as possible! We understand how hard it could be for you to recover your loss after a burglary, whether it’s your home or your business that has been broken into. 

So, we do offer you an efficient burglary repair service. For you, with NW Locksmith it’s the most practical and affordable way to secure your property really quickly. Certainly, our team of highly skilled locksmiths will work efficiently to ensure you can get back to your normal routine really soon. Of course, we are trying to disrupt you as little as possible. As a result, we will make you feel safe in the knowledge that your family, possessions, or business are well protected again! 


For sure, burglars don’t care what time it is or if you can sort out the damage they are leaving on your property. That’s why our team is here 24 hours a day, to help you sort out any emergency. If you live in North West London and you’ve been burgled, we will aim to be with you in 10-15 minutes from your call. The job will be done when you call us, no matter what time it is. Our mobile locksmiths are fully equipped and ready to help! In exceptional cases, after complicated break-ins, the repairs cannot be done until the next day. In this situation, we’ll do our best to ensure that your property is temporarily secured until the final repair can be made. Our locksmith for burglary will let you know all the details.

Stay safe and change your locks

Always, after a break-in, try and change your locks if you wanna feel safe again! Therefore, whether or not your locks have been damaged, we can guarantee that a lock change is always the safest way to go. Moreover, our quick and professional locksmith for burglary can install new and more secure locks on your doors or windows really fast. Importantly, sometimes it takes only minutes to change several locks on one property. Moreover, if you wanna be sure that you will not be a victim of the burglars, you should consider upgrading to an even more secure lock. Just so you know, many of the burglaries are happening in the areas NW Locksmith is covering. So, if you are calling from Nort-West London and Central London, we’ve got you covered!

Due to, we are experts in after break-in situation and we will be with you in minutes. Surely, we really understand the emergency we are talking about here. Therefore, if you are based in any of the London postcodes we cover, our expert locksmith for burglary will be with you on-site in about 15 minutes. He can help you choose wisely the best option for your security upgrade.

We change doors locks and window locks

First, when our locksmith for burglary will come over, he will inspect how affected is your property after a break-in. So, depending on the severity of the damage, we might advise you to change the window locks as well. Also, he might suggest different security methods. As a result, from our experience, it is already a proven fact that many of the burglaries are happening because of the poor level of security on the first-level windows. Therefore, we highly recommend you to invest in extra security for windows as well. Anyway, we will do our best to help you get back to your normal routine!

Risk of Burglary in London Boroughs :

BarnetAnnual Risk of Burglary per Residence 1.65%
Kensington & Chelsea1.46%


Mosty, a common fault is homeowners leaving their house keys within reach of the door. If this is the case, a burglar can often reach them through a letterbox or cat-flap using objects or tools found in the garden.


Emergency Steps To Take Immediately After A Burglary

  • Contact the authorities
  • Find a safe place to hide
  • Review security protocols
  • Take stock of what you have
  • Call your insurance agent
  • Clean up around your home
  • Reassess your security measures
  • Implement new security precautions
We can help really quick!



About Our EMERGENCY locksmith SERVICE after a break in

Here are 3 easy steps to solve an emergency situation with our locksmiths, in only 10 minutes!

  • Contact us! Call, text or chat!
  • Meet us in 10-20 minutes! Our locksmith will be at your place really quick!
  • Enjoy your life! 100% secured! Guaranteed!

Just call as soon as you see the break-in… 

…please, don’t panic! 

We can help, together with the Police!

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After you call the police to investigate, Call NW Locksmith straight away: 07383010010


That is to say, after-burglary repairs are such a common request for our company! To clarify, we will always find safe and effective solutions to ensure your problem is solved as soon as possible!

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