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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
Email: CALL NOW! 07383010010
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If you need an emergency 24-hour Locksmith Maida Vale W9 London, you can rely on us! NW Locksmith will help you! Call NW Locksmith, 24 hrs locksmith in W9 , whenever you have any lock emergency and we will find a solution. Call  07383010010 and if you need help.

Day and night, we offer the quickest and the best quality service in W9 London. On another note, we do work ONLY with well-known original locks and we can fit on your door the best locks on the market! Therefore, our expert locksmiths can help you with any security issue: from simple lock checks to open door or lock upgrades. Surely, we can help you to keep your home or your business safe. NW Locksmith provides reliable, affordable services for your home or business in W9 Maida Vale, London. 

So, call us now! We are always on call, 24 hours a day, no matter what security problem you have. Anytime you need a locksmith in Maida Vale, we’ll send a certified, experienced emergency locksmith to wherever you’re based in W9. Also, we can confirm that we have locksmiths based in Marylebone NW1, so we are really close to you.

24 Hours Locksmith Maida Vale W9

For emergencies, Call NW Locksmith Now: 07383010010

About NW Locksmith

+10 years of experience

Firstly, NW LOCKSMITH is a relatively new company. In other words, NW Locksmith is a fusion of two prestigious old locksmith companies from London. Therefore, our professional engineers are truly experienced and they’ve seen them all! Moreover, our locksmiths are familiar with all the types of locks in London – especially with the most common ones in North West London – as they have many years of activity in the domain. Most of them are covering the North West of London, especially the Camden area, for a long time. So, you can be sure you are in good hands when you are asking NW Locksmith for help!


To sum up, we know all about the old locks and we are aware of the trends in the industry, as well. We are always one step ahead of the future when it comes to security. We are curious about all the new security methods in the domain and we are embracing all the new locksmithing methods – all for better security. Most importantly, we’re available for you with a wide range of locks. Our highly trained team of 24 hour emergency locksmiths is working around the clock for you. Be ready to change your perspective about what security means! We’re spread all over North West London, including the Camden area, but if the situation requires, we’re crossing these boundaries sometimes. Check out on the menu of the site if we can cover your area! 

Locksmith Maida Vale W9

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Maida Vale W9 London


EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH 247 – BAD WEATHER, LATE NIGHTS OR WEEKENDS  – Our purpose is to help you ANYTIME, day or night. Bad weather, late nights, or weekends, we are working 247 – no excuses. If it’s not a really busy time, our local locksmiths will be there in 15 minutes to help, no matter what! We aim to help any of our clients as quickly as possible but when there are too many emergencies there might be some delays. Above all, we will do our best to solve your worst situations, even in bad weather conditions, day and night. This means emergency service to us! Call and we will give you an approximate ETA – no time wasters.

Our latest completed projects

Some of our Maida Vale W9 Lockout Jobs or Lock Replace | Locksmith Maida Vale W9 London
asec lock Locksmith Maida Vale W9

You ” locksmith near me ” ,  NW Locksmith, is always nearby to open the door for you is it’s necessary. Our local locksmith will be there any time you need to open the door for you. In this case, the client lost the keys so we had to open the door for him in W9.

lock change Locksmith Maida Vale W9 new lock installation

Another new lock installation in Maida Vale W9. We had to install a new lock on this door at a late hour. If you need a night locksmith we work 24 hours.

lock change Locksmith Maida Vale W9

In this case, the previous night latch was jammed and NW Locksmith was there to fix it. If are based in Maida Vale and you need to fix your lock, don’t hesitate to ask us to come over!

For updated pictures of our jobs, you can always check us on social media HERE (Facebook) or HERE (@nwlocksmith_uk on Instagram). Also, we are constantly writing on our blog about our experiences – HERE. So, check us out and leave us your feedback there!

Frequently Asked Questions

NW Locksmith - Locksmith Maida Vale W9

What should I do if I am lockout?

Firstly, if you are lockout as you read, please, don’t panic. Call NW Locksmith and we will be there in 10-20 minutes – it depends on the hour when you are calling and on how busy we are. But no worries, we are always trying to be there as quickly as possible. The locksmith will come over your place and he will let you know what can you do in your situation. He has everything he needs to sort you out in case of a lockout in his truck, so the time is not going to be a problem. We are a mobile locksmith service (not a shop!) and we aim to be the quickest London Locksmith in the North West area of London.

What are the prices of a locksmith?

Our company’s motto is NO hidden fees. We are aware of how many locksmith companies are out there but the locksmith won’t proceed if you don’t agree with the prices. Of course, the prices will vary all the time – it depends a lot on your particular situation and on how much work is involving your case for the locksmith. For sure we don’t work for free – especially in the emergency services – but we like to call us affordable. Yes, we are the affordable locksmiths you were looking for. Just to give you an estimate, the prices in our company are starting from £45 but you can check our range of prices on the price page. For us, it’s really important to let you know that we offer a transparent service. Therefore, we will always advise on the costs involved before proceeding with any work!

How quickly do you attend the job?

An average of our time response would be 15 minutes but it depends a lot on the traffic. We are locals, based on Marylebone Road, so we have to calculate the trip from our office to your place. If the locksmith is coming to you from straight another job the time may be different. The locksmith is driving as fast as possible but sometimes it is not up to him to go faster. We are trying to be quick and to work speedy – We do understand when there’s an emergency. Also, if you are calling us during peak times, it might be hard to dispatch a locksmith straight away as there are many jobs around that time. But, no worries. If we are getting too busy we will give you an approximate ETA on the phone and we will see if it works for you.

Do you really cover evenings and weekends?

YES, we are always taking emergency calls! We are getting many calls mostly during the Weekends or late evenings, so our Locksmith company never stops. So, we are working 247!! A 247 service means we are working 24 hours with no exception, all the time, no matter what. Bad weather, late nights, or weekends, there’s no excuse. We will be there, just call!

How long does it take it fix a broken lock?

Again, this will be another vague answer but all the doors are REALLY different and we are using a WIDE range of locks, different models, and levels of security. Therefore, there are different methods of door opening but the locksmith will explain everything on-site. Just to give you a rough estimate, a normal door should be open in about 5 minutes if we are talking about a simple low-security lock because our highly trained locksmiths know exactly what they are doing and they are working really quick. But… there’s always a but, isn’t it? When it’s not up to them, a job can last even 2 hours. in short, it depends a lot on the circumstances.

What are the lock requirements for household insurance?

Mostly, the insurance policies are asking for external British Standard BS3621 locks. So, it’s either a five-lever mortice deadlock/sash lock or a multi-point locking system. The locksmith will advise you what’s the best option for your particular door.

Should I change the locks when I move home?

YES! We’ve got plenty of after-burglary or after break-in cases in our company because of this matter. When you move house you might be excited with the interior design and other things like this but you have to remember that your house safety is the most important issue. So, please don’t forget to change the old locks and check all the ways of access you have on your new property. A locksmith can come over for a proper evaluation and he can give you the best advice on how to level up your home security. If you need more details you can read more about this here, on our website, in the section BURGLARY PREVENTION OR AFTER BREAK-IN REPAIRS.

Satisfaction Guarantee

NW Locksmith - Locksmith Maida Vale W9

We are confident in our high-quality services and we wanna keep our costumers happy, no matter what. The customer service is really important for our company. Therefore, any issue you might have you can call us back and we will try to work it out. 

Also, a really important aspect of working with us is the WARRANTY! We offer a year warranty on all the locks we are installing on your door – to activate your warranty please send us a picture with your lock via email Really important, we will keep it in our records and the warranty will be active exactly one year after the job was closed.  

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What Clients Say about NW Locksmith Maida Vale W9?

  • Do recommend the company. Mostly, I used NW Locksmith company because they have no hidden fees. I’ll call this lock smith back anytime I am in need of an emergency locksmith Notting Hill Gate. Certainly, I am happy with the way my door works now and the new lock looks just right. Moreover, I just upgraded my security so it will work well for my house insurance.

    Malena Millen
    Emergency lockout - Maida Vale W9 ***
  • Good value emergency locksmith service in Maida Vale yesterday. Cheaper than other companies I checked before asking them to come. competent locksmith and not to mention the costumer service : Alex is great! . They took care of all my locks in the house. I am more than happy with the level of security. Thank you NW locksmith, will call again in case of another lockout situation…

    Alissa McDonald
    Costumer - W9 *** Maida Vale London
  • Very professional help on a late Saturday evening. Yes, will use again.

    Paul Kenningh
    Change Locks - Costumer W9 ***
  • We had a new door fitted then locked ourselves out by accident. To clarify, the locksmith arrived in 30 mins and got us in with NO damage

    Denisse R.
    Costumer W9 *** Maida Vale
  • Above all, it was a prompt service. Banham lock replace with NW Locksmith… I am really happy with NW Locksmith

    Marc Lawrence
    Banham replace - Costumer W9 ***
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Locksmith Maida Vale W9 Loyalty Offer

NW Locksmith

We like to keep our costumers close and our loyal costumers closer!

We offer a 10% discount on all the second jobs we are getting. Therefore, let us know if you are an old costumer when you are asking us to come back for other locks repairs/replace you might need on your property.

Please keep a copy of our invoice and ask our locksmith for our loyalty discount!

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    NW LOCKSMITH provides professional lock installation, door lock opening, lock repair, lock fitting, and locks replacement service. Therefore, we can help you with all types of doors and windows. To sum up, call us and a locksmith will advise you on how to treat any lock problem.

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