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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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uPVC Door Lock Repair and Maintenance




How can we help you with your uPVC door lock:

  • Upgrade your Multipoint Locking Systems
  • Change your cylinders
  • Replace your handles
  • Fit additional security
  • Replace and Fit Lockable handles
  • Install Window Restrictors
  • Replace the Hinges
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New uPVC door locks or window locks repairs?

The uPVC door lock is the type of lock fitted to a uPVC plastic door. These are usually a Multipoint type of lock. They comprise of a central locking mechanism and long strips, that feature additional locking devices such as hooks or rollers.

First of all, you have to try to protect your home and replace those warn uPVC door locks & mechanisms, as soon as possible. 

  • Is your uPVC door stuck shut?
  • Is the lock making a strange “click” sound?
  • You can't lock your door?
  • Is the handle becoming difficult to operate?
  • Or, you have the door's key but it's not working?

Hence, these indications can point to a number of different things. Hopefully, the problem is something relatively simple such as the door alignment has been knocked slightly. There is a big chance the multipoint locking system has failed and you might need a locksmith to help you out. It can be only worn and tear but it also can be a door alignment problem.

More than that, if it’s a more serious issue where one or more of the moveable internal parts has frozen up or broken, possibly the problem is within the locking cylinders. Why not check it out? If you’re looking for uPVC door & window locks in London, then we’re here to help! Get in touch & we’ll have your property secured in no time at all. We would advise you to ask for our professional uPVC locksmith as soon as possible after you notice problems arising. This way, you will prevent any unwanted burglary and you will be able to avoid mounting costs.



Don't replace the entire door, try to fix your locks first!

The security of your home is really important and most thieves will enter your home through the doors, which is why putting off those uPVC door repairs until it’s too late is never the best option. Also, uPVC windows are likely to access points in home burglaries and the burglars are opportunistic! Moreover, any thief can notice that your window is open or the lock isn’t functional. Please, don’t let them take the chance to see what’s inside your home! For sure, having fully-functional locks on your uPVC doors and uPVC windows will act as a big deterrent. 

Our experienced locksmiths from NW Locksmith use only locks approved by both insurers and the police, so you know you’ll receive a quality service. Just ask for the best security providers in London and we will be able to give you the peace of mind you need for your home!

uPVC Doors Locks

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uPVC Windows Locks

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How Does It Work A Multipoint Lock - uPVC Door Lock

First of all, it is good to know that uPVC doors are extremely secure and composite doors offer the highest level of security. The super-strong structural frame combined with glass-reinforced plastic, provide infallible protection against intruders. Plus, the laminated glass will not fall out of the door if broken. That’s why usually your problem with the door is a lock problem. So, it is not necessary to change the entire door!

Above all, multipoint locks usually work in identical ways. Therefore, no matter how many locking points it may have and what type they are, the way of functioning is onde of these: bolts, simple rollers, large hooks or a combo of them.

Also, a multi-point locking system bolts the door into the frame and locks at multiple points at the turn of a key, giving a high level of security.

The most frequently used mechanisms are the uPVC mechanisms where you need to lift the handle and it activates the locking points. In this case, the entire mechanism is locked into one place while enables a simple turn of the key in the cylinder. This way, you lock and unlock a uPVC door.


Multipoint Lock Replacement - uPVC Door Lock

If your uPVC door handles become slack you have to know that you need to replace your current uPVC multipoint door lock. Moreover, test you handles to see if they still retain their springiness. If necessary, consider replacing your uPVC door handles.

Wear and tear is a commun thing for any goods and it may happen to your uPVC lock as well! A multipoint lock will eventually fail, like most mechanical devices. Most likely, if it’s already older than 10 years and it’s been used a lot. Moreover, if you have to use a lot of excess force just to open your uPVC door, then it’s a sign! Certanly, it might be time to replace your multipoint door lock. If you are deciding to replace your multipoint system an experienced locksmith should first come over to check the brand, the dimensions and the exact model. So, we will be able to match it up with an identical replacement. Some of the more popular door lock brands are Yale, Avocet, Mila, GU, Ferco, Era etc. If your brand is not on the market anymore, our department will find a good alternative. 


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We are always doing our best to work in client’s interest but with the uPVC somethimes the things are not so simple. There are often issues with the uPVC doors in London because, for example, many manufacturers have changed their products a lot or some of them stopped the production. Therefore, sometimes it’s not easy to find the exact parts you might need for your specific door. That’s the reason why your locking mechanism may sometimes no longer be obtainable on the market. Anyway, if your lock fails and you need an entirely new locking system, we have specialized lockmiths to help you find the best solution for your door. There are always alternatives, so we aim to find a way!




Our expert locksmiths will save you money

uPVC doors are a sensitive subject for any beginners and if the locksmith you are asking to come over is not experienced enough, he can cause bigger damage and, of course, the costs will get higher as well. However, our expert locksmiths will help you to save time and money, if this is possible in your case. Certainly, the beauty of having a multipoint door lock is that sometimes you will only have to replace the central gearbox. Of course, this is far easier to install than a whole new multipoint lock system and cost-efficient. It is very important to ask an experienced locksmith to come over, so he will be careful to not damage the entire mechanism. NW Locksmith is ready for this type of job anytime you need it!

Our locksmiths with many years of experience in working with different types of uPVC mechanisms will be able to help you out, for sure! They will make sure to combine a high-quality kite marked euro-cylinder lock with your multipoint door lock, so you will be secured for a long period of time. Please, do not compromise your home security by installing a poor quality euro cylinder! 3 star high-security euro cylinder locks give you many added extra security features and protect you from well-know burglar tactics such as lock snapping! Many more explanations, ideas, and pieces of advice you will get on-site from our experienced and fully-equipped locksmiths! Call now if you need our 247 locksmith service.



Emergency UPVC door lockout

Certainly, if you find yourself locked outside of the uPVC door at your property, you have to ask for our emergency locksmith as soon as possible!

Probably, a uPVC door lock is hard to be opened correctly by someone who is not professional. So, please don’t make this a DYI project because you might regret it later.

Also, drilling a uPVC door lock the wrong way could lead you to major problems. If you are not careful, you might have to change the whole mechanism, and this an option that will cost you much more than the initial simple job at the lock.

We can help really quick!


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About Our EMERGENCY locksmith SERVICE for UPVC door lockout

Here are 3 easy steps to solve an emergency situation with our locksmiths, in only 10 minutes!

  • Contact us! Call, text or chat!
  • Meet us in 10-20 minutes! Our locksmith will be at your place really quick!
  • Enjoy your life! 100% secured! Guaranteed!

Our 24-hour locksmith specialized in UPVC door locks advise you to mention your emergency when you are calling us and to wait without forcing too much the door, as these type of locks are not always easy to unlock.

We are a team of expert locksmiths

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Mostly, the locksmith companies are working on a standard schedule. But, here we are! Working 24 hours a day to be sure you can get help quick! Many of you will be in need of a locksmith in weekends, on late hours or early in the morning. Therefore, we strive to be there for you when you need the most! Also, we wanna be sure that everyone is satisfied with our emergency locksmith services.

Whether for an emergency or a scheduled appointment,you can give us a call and our friendly staff in the office will always on hand to cater to your individual circumstances.

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