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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
Email: [email protected] CALL NOW! 07383010010
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When do you have a Banham Locksmith available in London?

Our specialists Banham Locksmiths are available any time throughout the day and night. We are a 24-hour service, available to come whenever you need. Open or replace your Banham Lock with our Banham Locksmith. Call here for 24h emergency service – request a survey, open the door lock or change your lock straight away: 07383010010

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Do you have original Banham locks and locking sets?

Yes, all the locks and parts provided by our locksmith company on site are in original and new condition! We never use low-quality products and we offer guarantees. Our locksmiths are mobile and have a wide selection of Banham locks available for replacement (all types of finishes and styles available 24h).

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Local Locksmith for Banham Locks

Locksmith Services available: Replace / Fix Your Banham Lock

Locksmith For You Banham Lock

Replace your Banham doors locks (full set of just the cylinder) with our Expert in Banham Locks. Our company offers updates security advice. For emergency situations Call Now NW Locksmith. As you might know, Banham has multiple awards and recognition from the London Police. Moreover, it is the official security firm of London Met. Get in touch for emergency service or just security advice and info, we would be happy to help. We have a solution for all your doors locks. 

Locksmith for Banham Locks

Firstly, Banham Locks are well-known for their superior quality, strength, and elegance. 

For instance, London Banham is setting the industry’s standards at the moment when it comes to elegancy and security. That’s why we prefer working with high-quality hardware. Choose the best doors locks provided by Banham. We are here to offer our lock services when it comes to installation. 

,, Crafted from quality materials, and in a range of styles and finishes, they guarantee an impeccable first impression. Banham door locks blend modern technology with an iconic design for maximum security and style.”

Banham Group

NW Locksmith recommends Banham Locks

You will never have to take for granted the security of your home. That’s why here, at NW Locksmith, we are always trying to make sure that your locks are highly-secure and impenetrable. So, when asking for our locksmith services, we are always assessing the situation first. The most important priority is your security, therefore we are always recommending top brands for our customer’s houses. For example, Banham is a really good and requested brand for London doors.

Please note, that we only work with high-quality original locks. The best part, you can keep track of your keys and use your personal data when duplicating. For example, when you get a new lock, you’ll also get a security card. At Banham, key duplication is possible only with that card. 

Above all, if a client asks us for a highly-secured good-looking lock, Banham is one of the first brands that comes in our locksmith’s recommendations. In our opinion, the Banham locks offer that high level of security you dream of for your home! We can guarantee them! Call us whenever you need locksmith services at your doorstep. We keep Banham locks available at all times and we are able to install them anytime. 

British-made locks

Banham locks are precision-engineered locks, made in Britain and we love to work with them. We totally appreciate a good-quality lock so don’t hesitate to ask us to come over to help you out with your Banham lock. Our locksmith’s services include door lock opening, lock change, or lock installation. Get a professional at your doorstep and let our residential locksmith solve your security issues. With us, you don’t have to worry about order and shipping status. We can supply and install any Banham lock on the same day. 

Each lock will match your requirements and it comes in different colors. For sure, it will work perfectly with your overall aesthetic of the entrance door. We know how much attention Brits are paying to their doors and our expert locksmiths are willing to help you find the best model/finish for your door. Just let our locksmiths know what type of lock do you need and what finish you would prefer, and NW Locksmith will do the rest. With us, you can have a new Banham lock installed on the first visit. Only in exceptional cases, we will install the lock on a second visit but on the same day or the next day – as agreed with your schedule.  

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Banham locks designs

Also, the design of a Banham lock varies but you can choose anything from polished chrome to polished brass, satin chrome, bronze, and satin brass. A really important feature of the lock (security-wise) is the 6-pin drill-resistant cylinder. Also, the key to these locks is really special because you can’t duplicate it the regular way.

It has a key registration system and it is copyrighted to prevent imitation, so you will need a security card to duplicate the keys. No worries, we will provide you with the card as well, together with the new keys, when we install the new Banham lock. We can replace all your Banham doors locks upon request.

Lifetime Investment in your security with Banham

So, we do recommend you to try and invest in high-security beautifully designed insurance-approved locks by Banham for your property, if you have the budget for it. For sure, you won’t regret it later and you will love the way your door looks like!

Moreover, you can take it as an investment in yourself. So, treat yourself with a really good beautifully designed insurance-approved door lock that lasts! This way, you will keep the burglars away from your family and your goods. More than that, a Banham Lock lasts longer than a regular lock and it is the best choice to make, for your own peace of mind.

Banham Security with Banham Locksmith

First, the Banham locks are aesthetically appealing and are the preferred locks for the victorian doors. Second, Banham offers high-security quality locks and secondary security products. If you wanna feel safe and secure in your home, Banham is the way to go. Moreover, as a security measure, the Banham Locks have patent-protected keys. This means you can have control over how many key copies are out there. Only the registered owner of the lock can obtain copies of the key from Banham with the security card that comes together with the lock and the keys. This way, there is no spare set of keys without your knowledge.

Fast Response, Same-Day Installation

Banham locks available with NW Locksmith

Here are the locks you can open or replace with NW Locksmith. As you can see, we can help with a wide range of designer finishes for each model. Get in touch for security advice and info: 

Banham cylinder lock

L2000 Banham Rim Lock BS3621 British Standard Insurance Approved

M2002 Banham BS3621 Mortice Hook Lock British Standard Insurance Approved

M2002 Banham BS3621 Mortice Hook Lock British Standard Insurance Approved

M2003 Banham British Standard Insurance Approved Mortice Lock BS3621

M2003 Banham British Standard Insurance Approved Mortice Lock BS3621

M5000 Banham Mortice DeadLock BS3621 British Standard Insurance Approved

EL4000 Banham Lock

EL4000 Banham Rim Lock with Electric Release BS Insuranced Approved

M5008 Banham BS3621 British Standard Insurance Approved Mortice DeadLock

M5008 Banham BS3621 British Standard Insurance Approved Mortice DeadLock

Banham M97 Lever Mortice Deadlock

locksmith open banham

Banham L111 - Open Lock Door With Drill and Replacement


Call us if you need locksmith services at your location. Our locksmiths can come over and help you with your Banham Lock at any hour. Ask a professional to come to your property in North West London. NW Locksmith is an expert when it comes to lock opening, repairing, supplying, and installing the complete range of Banham locks. We can take residential and business customer requests across all of London. 

We work 247, weekends, and late nights included. So, anytime you need it, we can come! For sure, we will be there quickly after your call. Just share with us your postcode and your exact location and a locksmith will come over. 

Therefore, if there’s an emergency with your lock or if you just want us to help you with a Banham lock replacement, don’t hesitate to ask our highly skilled and trained locksmiths to come over and help. In conclusion, you can contact us anytime via Email: [email protected] or just CALL NOW: 07383010010!

Get in touch if you need to open or change a Banham Lock

Whenever you are locked inside or outside of your house, call us and we will get to your address quickly. Get in touch with us for emergency locksmiths services and our expert locksmiths team will help with emergency services 24 hour at your property.  

Get in touch with us for a Banham locksmith enquiry with a professional. You can contact us anytime as we work around the clock, 24 hour. 

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