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Locksmith Price Emergency Service

All about NW Locksmith price and an estimate on how much you might pay with us in 2023 for an emergency locksmith service in London. Read about our locksmith prices and how much you can expect to pay for labour rate, door locks and call-out fee when hiring a locksmith with us. So, when it comes to locksmiths costs, our team of emergency locksmiths is always trying to be transparent with the prices.

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How much should I pay for a locksmith in 2023 in London? Our Locksmith Price

About the Locksmith Price - In the table below, you may find just some of the estimated costs of our emergency locksmith services. Attention, this is just an estimate! Mostly, the locksmiths are able to give you a fixed locksmith price for service only when they get at your property. If it's a simple standard job, they will charge you based on what they need to do at the job (you can offer us the details when you call is would be easier for us to give you an accurate quotation). But, if the job is getting more complicated on-site (hard opening, late nights) they may well ask to view the door/property before they give you a fixed locksmith price. Also, the techs will tell you our locksmith prices before they start doing anything, so there are NO hidden fees involved! You will know what to expect to pay as soon as they get there. More than that, as an observation, we wanna highlight that for the late-night jobs we might aks you for a small deposit prior to dispatching our locksmith to your address. Here are some basic locksmiths charges when calling for our locksmith out of hours.

Lockout Emergency

  • Non Distructive Simple Open Door - £59 / lock
  • Power Tools Involved in the Open Door Process - £89 - £199 /lock (Depending on the type of lock)

Emergency Door Locks Change

  • Lock Installation - £59/hour* (in some situations the price is per lock)
  • Fixing Lock - £49/hour* (in some situations the price is per lock)

Rim and euro cylinders

  • Standard Security Lock - £45 - £95 (depending on the security level of the lock)
  • Mid-Security Lock - £95 - £185 (depending on the security level of the lock)
  • High Security Lock (British Standard Cylinders) - £185 - £375 (depending on the security level of the lock)

UPVC Doors and Windows

  • Multipoint Security Mechanism for UPVC Doors and Windows - this might be subject of deposit - £175 - £425 (depending on the security level of the mechanism)

Night Latch

  • Standard lock for Night Latch - £75- £125 (security level, brand or warranty period of the locks)
  • Multi-Lock, Heavy Duty and BS Night Latch - £155 - £425 (depending on the security level of the locks, brand or warranty)


  • Mortice Lock (interior doors, ⅔ lever and NON B. S. 5 lever locks) - £65-£155 (depending on the security level of the locks)
  • B.S. Mortice Lock (Front and Back doors) - £135-£275 (depending on the security level of the locks, brand or warranty)
  • Special Mortice Locks (Heavy Duty Locks) - £275- £425 (depending on the security level of the locks, brand or warranty)

COG Cylinder

  • COG cylinder - £135-£275 (depending on the security level of the locks)
  • Multi-lock COG - £135-£275 (depending on the security level of the locks)

Other Door Locks

  • Cut Bike Lock- £59
  • Safe Unlock - £110 - £310 (depending on the security level of the safe)
  • Mail Box Locks, Window Parts, Cabinet Locks - £35 - £125 (depending on the security level of the locks, brand or warranty)


  • Banham Cylinders, Latches, Deadlocks - £255 - £685 (depending on the part you need to replace/install)


  • Banham Cylinders, Latches, Deadlocks - £385 - £895 (depending on the part you need to replace/install)
  • Any extra restricted key £30 each (a lock comes with 2 keys).
  • For multiple Banham locks, a discount might be applied.

Fresh Lock Installation

  • £59 /lock /hour
  • £85/lock/hour (⅔ lever locks or additional locks) - costumer has more than 1 lock
  • £99/lock/hour (5 lever Mortice Lock and latches) - costumer has more than 1 lock
  • £99/lock/hour (5 lever Mortice Lock and latches) - costumer has more than 1 lock
  • £120 (⅔ lever or additional parts ) - costumer has just 1 lock
  • £150 (5 lever or Night latches +rim)

Recommended brands for locks in 2023 - Locksmith Price

NW Locksmith

NW Locksmith is working only with original and good quality locks! As a result, all the locks we are selling with our locksmiths on-site are the best range of branded locks you can find on the market in 2020. Surely, the right door lock is the one that will fit your budget and security requirements. For instance, NW locksmith will always recommend the best possible option that is in your budget. Therefore, when you choose the right door lock, we will ensure that is the best choice you can make. Ideally, we will always try to offer a good value service. Above all, your home should be easily accessible to you but needs to stay shut against intruders. In short, ask an expert locksmith to come over. Certainly, he will recommend the best brand and model for your personal situation. 

Locksmith Price - NW Locksmith Loyalty Offer

NW Locksmith London

In other words, we keep our costumers close and our loyal costumers closer… and happier! 

Therefore, we offer a 10% discount on all the second jobs we are getting! So, please let us know if you are an old costumer. Above all, when you are asking us to come back for other lock/locks repairs/replaces you need on your property, tell us about this Program. 

So, keep a copy of our invoice and ask our locksmith for our loyalty discount!

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Why the Locksmith Price can be different?

NW Locksmith

The locksmith price is, first of all, different from a company to another. Mostly, all the companies have their own policy and their own standard of pricing. Therefore, we like to call us transparent and straight-forward. We don’t like hidden fees and we are trying to give accurate pricing in advance, where is possible. Anyway, on an important note, our locksmiths will always advise you about the price and what are your option before they start any job. 

So, the locksmith price may depend on the following:

Your Location - Locksmith near me

An important factor in the way a locksmith is giving the price is your location. We are working in the North West area of London but sometimes we get calls from different areas of London. If a technician is available and we are not too busy, he might be able to come to your location, even is it another London area. So, the price might be affected by congestion charges or long distances to drive from our base. The price will rise a bit especially if we are talking about big distances from central London to rural areas. 

Time of the day may affect Locksmith Price

Obviously, the locksmith price will be different if the emergency is at a late hour or out of regular working hours. Emergencies out of the regular working times are charged differently and a call-out will be involved (from £20 – £69, depending on the hour and travel distance). Anyway, when you call, we will give you the starting price and the time when the locksmith will be able to attend your property.

The type of emergency or request

The locksmith price depends on the lock problem you have. For example, if it’s an emergency matter, the price will be higher compared with a regular non-emergency appointment. Also, our locksmiths are trying the simple methods first, if that is possible, to keep as low as possible the price and the time spend on-site. We do have plenty of emergency calls daily, so our purpose is to solve our problem as simple and as fast as possible. If your case is getting too complicated and the simple methods are not working, the locksmith will be forced to try to operate the hard way. So, there will be a higher fee involved. No worries, our technician will let you know all the details. 

Also, if you are asking us to come to open your door because you lost your keys you might have to pay more than for a simple lock change request. The type of job will make a difference in the final price. If you wanna have a rough idea about the prices have a look at the price table, so you will have an idea what to expect. 

Labour and hours are important Locksmith Price factors

Time does make a difference. If the simple methods are not working quickly, as usual, time is an important variable when it comes to pricing. And we are talking here about the time a locksmith needs to work on your particular case. Usually, simple methods are taking only a few minutes. Our locksmiths are highly-trained to work fast, so don’t be surprised if they will finish in 10-15 minutes. We don’t wanna make out of our locksmith service the event of your day. If our locksmith will attend your property, the idea is to complete the job as fast as possible. But if the job is getting too complicated, for example, the locksmith will charge you a price per hour. In most cases, the job is easy and simple to solve though, so a time average of a locksmith job on-site is about 20 minutes. 

Brand and type of lock fitted

The best part when you are asking NW Locksmith to come over is that our locksmith carries in the trunk of his car a really wide range of locks, different brands, and different levels of security. Of course, the prices are really different. Just so you will understand, a regular low-secured cylinder will be way cheaper than an anti-snap high-secured lock. Also, if you wanna install just one lock it’s gonna be cheaper than if you wanna install or replace two locks on the same door for better security,  We can work with your budget and we will find together the best option for your door. 

Payment methods - Locksmith Price

NW Locksmith

In addition, here are more details about our Payment Acceptance policy. Firstly, we offer a full range of payment options ON THE SPOT. Moreover, you have to settle all the payments immediately, upon completion of the services supplied. We do not accept late payments and we will not leave the site without payment. However, for any special payment conditions on our commercial locksmith services please write an email on [email protected] and wait for our approval. So, for our day-by-day residential locksmith services, you have to pay on spot with our locksmith. Moreover, we can accept payments by card, Bank Transfer, or Cash.

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