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Banham Locks trend in London is still on top after many years and we are here to tell you more about this. Are you curious to know what’s all the hype around the Baham Locks in London? Banham locks are really popular in the capital and you’ll find why in this article. Banham has built a reputation as a trustworthy and highly reliable brand in the security industry in the UK. More than that is a family-owned security company established here in 1926.

Bahman Locks Are Everywhere

When you’re moving to London, most likely you have to change your lock at the property. If you are living in a good neighborhood, you’ll notice that many Banham locks are installed on the nice doors around you. Of course, Banham is a really secured high-end set of locks. As proof, Banham has received the popular Metropolitan Police Awards 8 times in a row! This was the result of the low rate of false police alerts when a door has a Banham lock installed. Obviously, it indicates that Banham products are not only looking really good but are also offering good security and a level of protection. Their security doors, door locks, and access control entry systems are highly trusted in London.

Bahman Security

Banham Group is now the largest supplier of burglary and fire prevention systems in London.

If you are worried about the crime rates in your neighborhood and all the home burglaries happening in London, a well-secured lock is the best choice for your door. You have to take action and protect yourself today. A good security level begins with a burglary-resistant lock. A Banham Lock on the front door would be a very good example of that type of lock.

banham locks
banham locks

So, your house is guaranteed by the Banham Group. Therefore, it’s there’s a small chance that someone will manage to break into your home. It will be extremely difficult for burglars to break into your property resistant to all security threats if your Banham lock is properly installed and tested by an expert.

Quick History for Bahman Security Locks

To understand the quality of the lock you are getting, it is reasonable that you know the history of Banham products and services in the UK. William F. Banham invented the first automatic latch bolt lock after a series of burglaries on his wife’s dress shop. He opened his own locksmith shop on Oxford Street, London, and offered £25 to anyone who could pick or break one of his patented locks.

This being said, of course, a Banham lock is a really good part to protect and secure a property.

Reasons to choose a Banham Lock

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a Banham Lock. Of course, behind the fabulous design of the lock, we have to mention the high level of burglary protection. With Banham, you can be sure that your property is always safe. And, of course, a safe house means cheaper home insurance (and we all know how important is this in London). Just so you know, a Banham Lock will offer some of the best security features on your premises. Therefore, you will be able to ask for insurance for one of the highest levels of protection because it reduces the risk of burglary.

Moreover, Banham is accredited by many security agencies in the UK. The main reason for this is because it offers security services and complies with industry regulations, such as BS3621.

After all these details, you might wanna ask a locksmith to install a Banham lock when it’s possible (or an equivalent). For sure, in the UK, Banham is one of the best locks choices for your front door protection.

Banham versus Other Locks

Normally, a Banham lockset comes at a highly competitive price and normally comes with a Rim Deadbolt and their Mortice Deadlock. To fully understand Banham lock capabilities, let’s compare to the standard Yale rim locks.

For example, Yale will be capable to offer a similar level of protection. But a Yale rim lock has a five-pin cylinder majorly made up of brass and the strike plates are usually of the same size as the lock.

Another main advantage of the Banham lock is that it has a different key copy policy. When it comes to regular locks, anyone can easily copy the keys and you can lose track of who owns a copy (especially if you are renting). With a Banham lock, you can control the de number of existing keys for a lock because it comes with a security card. So, you can’t actually make a copy if you don’t own a card. When it comes to Yale, one key can open multiple locks. This is possible because Banham locks are made from trademarked cylinders and cannot be accessed by various keys – only with approved copies. Every Banham lock comes with the following as standard: saw-resistant bolts, secure striker place, and own key registration system (security card).

Confidentiality is crucial in this industry.

Charles Hallatt, chairman, Banham

So, if you with so be in full control of your door, we would recommend Banham locks. All of the parts are BS3621 compliant and will pass the latest insurance and security regulations.

How Much Do Banham Locks Cost?

The price of the lock may be on the higher side but it worth it. Banham is one of the best brands we are installing daily. There are almost no complaints about the quality and the functionality of the lock. Of course, the prices vary according to the locks requested. The price also depends on the preferred level of security for your door. But, no worries, the locksmith will always make sure you are aware of the prices after he is seeing the door. He will always give you the best option that works with your requests.

Short Technical Banham Locks Analyze

When it comes to the security level of the lock, a Banham lock is made from 6 pin drill-resistant cylinders. Therefore, is pretty different from a simple ordinary lock with a basic level of security. More than that, some of the Banham locks have self-deadlocking saw-resistant steel bolts. This is a good advantage because the lock will restrict a potential easy exit of a burglar from your premises. For example, if a burglar will enter through a window, their exit is not going to be straightforward via the main door. So, in case of a burglary, the bugler will remain stuck inside the house if the plan was just to exit using the entrance door. 

In conclusion, the Banham locks are part of our top locks to secure a property. They are some of the most secure locks in the UK in 2022.

These types of locks are more secure than three lever deadlocks. The disadvantage of the lock is that it does not conform to BS3621; therefore, it is vulnerable to burglars. More than that, mortice locks are hidden pretty well in the door, therefore, the aspect of the lock looks good on the door.

Types of Banham Locks

Choose the best locks for your property considering the following:

  • lock grades (grade 1 is the safest)
  • preferred brand (if any)
  • your budget.

There are a few types of Banham locks but every one of the Banham door locks is accredited by Secured by Design, the official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of “designing out crime” with physical security.

The types of Banham locks depend on the way they are mounted in the frame. Ideally, every front door would have a deadlock because those are the most difficult for burglars to breach. But you can have any of the following on the door:

  • mortice and rim locks
  • deadlocks
  • self-locking bolts
  • cylinders and lever locks
  • single or double cylinder.

Of course, you can have a more complicated security system installed but that is not a common locking door.

Mortice deadlocks

The mortice lock is one that is fitted inside the edge of the door. The five-lever mortice deadlock is commonly fitted on wooden doors. It can be locked or unlocked from inside or outside using a key. Therefore, a mortice lock is difficult to force open therefore these are sometimes stipulated as a must in home insurance policies. A five-lever mortice lock with the BSI Kitemark is the standard usually. Mostly, a 5-lever lock is fitted on the surface of the door not on the edge.

Rim locks, Dead Lock or Night Latch

This type of lock is usually from the inside of the door and most people refer to it as Yale locks or Night latch. The door can be locked or unlocked from inside and outside the door. The rim locks are only suitable for the inward opening door. The deadlocks usually work alongside a mortice lock and are working on both wooden and timber doors. Most locksmiths and insurance companies will advise you to use deadlocks to secure the door better.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are usually single and double cylinder locks. The single-cylinder is operated by a key from the outside and is close by a key or thumb turn from the inside. A double cylinder is the one operated by a key both ways. Banham has both cylinder styles available. Single or double cylinders are more suited to a given application.

There are a variety of doors where a cylinder can be installed such as front, back, and interior. Therefore, these are used for multiple composite or UPVC doors.

More than that, the cylinder locks are usually installed with multi-point locking systems or mortice deadlocks. Bear in mind though, the lock will be more vulnerable to burglary attacks than the ones that are automatically blocking the door.

Call NW Locksmith

So, if you’re in need of an expert, NW Locksmith will be your best choice. We are ready to help when it comes to the Banham Locks with door lock opening, lock installation or lock change.

Therefore, do not hesitate to give us a call and ask for a Banham lock expert from NW Locksmith. For sure, our professionals will make sure your property is safe from burglary. More than that, they will also keep the aesthetic of the door pleasing. So, if you are based in Central London or North West London, think no more and call our 24 hours emergency line now: 07383010010

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