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Replace your Yale Locks with our Expert Yale Locksmith. For emergency situations with your door locks, get in touch and we’ll help. Call us now and NW Locksmith will be quickly there to fix your home security. As you might know, Yale is an important well-known brand in the security industry and we are happy to be working with such a trustworthy brand. Yale door locks are always available with our experts. 

Yale Locksmith

Firstly, Yale Locks and Banham Locks are well-known for their superior quality, strength, and elegance. 

For instance, at the moment Yale is setting the industry’s standards when it comes to elegancy and security. Level up your home security fast by installing a Yale lock set on your front door.


NW Locksmith recommends Yale Locks

You never have to take for granted the security of your home. That’s why here, at NW Locksmith, we are always trying to make sure that your locks are highly-secure and impenetrable. So, we are always recommending top brands like Yale for any London door, when we have the opportunity. We recommend this brand for all door types, especially timber doors.

Above all, if a client asks us for a highly-secured good-looking lock, Yale is one of the first brands that comes in our locksmith’s tops. They offer that high level of security you dream of for your home. We can guarantee you will enjoy all the quality products by Yale, including their rim cylinders or smart locks. Get in touch for a comprehensive range of locks. 

About Yale Locks

Yale lock is a worldwide term for describing pin tumbler locks. In fact, Yale is one of the oldest lock manufacturing brands, owned at present by Assa Abloy. So, call us and ask for your local Yale Locksmith. Surely, the locksmith will tell you all you need to know about the brand and he will advise you if Yale is the best option for your door. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask him to come.

For example, each rim cylinder will match your requirements and it comes in different colors too. For sure, we will be careful to make it work perfectly with your overall aesthetic of the entrance door. We know how much attention Brits are paying to their doors and our expert locksmiths are willing to help you find the best model/finish.

In conclusion, just let our locksmiths know what type of lock you need and what finish you would prefer, and NW Locksmith will do the rest. There’s a wide range of Yale locks and we are sure you will find a model perfect for your needs. Also, with us, you can have a new Yale lock installed on the first visit. 

yale lock installed

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Yale Locksmith

It’s interesting to know some info about the brand before you make your choice. The Yale Lock Manufacturing Co. was introduced in 1868 in Stamford Connecticut. Also, the co-founders Linus Yale Jr. and henry R.Towne named the company Yale&Towne ale registered 8 patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office between 1843 and 1857. Patent for his pin tumbler safe lock, safe lock, bank lock, vault, and safe door bolt and padlock. 

Also, the design of a Yale lock varies but you can choose anything from polished chrome to polished brass, satin chrome, bronze, and satin brass. You can choose a low level of security or with a key registration system and it is copyrighted to prevent imitation, so you will need a security card to duplicate the keys. No worries, we will provide you the card as well, together with the new keys, when we install the new Yale lock. 

Lifetime Investment in your security with Yale

Yale offers a wide range of door locks that are suitable for all security needs, type of door, and intended use. This includes everything from high-security front and back doors to internal and decorative doors.

So, we do recommend you to try and invest in high-security locks by Yale for your property. For sure, you won’t regret it later and you will love the way your door looks!

Moreover, you can take it as an investment in yourself. So, treat yourself with a really good lock that lasts! This way, you will keep the burglars away from your family and your goods. 

A burglary occurs every 40 seconds in the UK. Protect yourself and secure your doors with NW Locksmith!

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Yale locks available with NW Locksmith

Here are the locks you can open or replace with NW Locksmith. As you can see, we can help with a wide range of finishes for each model / each category of locks. 

Yale Cylinders

All types of Yale cylinders, different colors, measurements, and levels of security.
Euro Double Cylinder
Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder
TS007:2014 1 Star security
KM Series Euro Double Cylinder

Yale Night Latches

All types of Yale night latches - different sizes, colors, measurements, and levels of security.
Yale P77 Traditional Rim Nightlatch
Max Security Nightlatch BS3
Yale 81 - Rollerbolt Night Latch
Yale X9 Safety Handle Nightlatch

Yale Mortice Locks

All types of Yale mortice locks - different fittings, colors, measurements, and levels of security.

Call us if you need a locksmith to come over and help you with your Banham Lock. NW Locksmith is an expert when it comes to lock opening, repairing, supplying, and installing the complete range of Banham locks.

We work 247, weekends, and late nights included. So, anytime you need it, we can come! For sure, we will be there quickly after your call.

Therefore, if there’s an emergency with your lock or if you just want us to help you with a Banham lock replacement, don’t hesitate to ask our highly skilled and trained locksmiths to come over and help. In conclusion, you can contact us anytime via Email: or just CALL NOW! 07383010010!

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