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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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First of all, The Fresh Lock Installation is a highly requested locksmith service for our company NW Locksmith.

What is Fresh Lock Installation?

A Fresh Lock Installation is an extra new door lock installed for more security or a lock that will be installed on a door for the first time. We are talking about a door that never had a lock on it before – usually a brand new door. In this case, you’ll need to ask for fresh lock installation.

Fresh Installation details

When you ask for a locksmith to come, he carries out a fresh lock installation on your door for you. Yes, he comes with the locks of your choice.

The locksmith carries in his car the most common lock requests in Britan but, if you will have a special unusual lock preference, he will order it for you. Mostly, a fresh lock installation requires precise and accurate drilling into your door. So, it’s essential that you take a professional locksmith to do this job on your behalf.

Therefore, our locksmiths have the skills you need! They will carry out a fresh lock installation to absolute perfection, as they have a special kit to make it faster. All work is to the highest standards and the success is guaranteed. Don’t worry, when you work with professionals there’s no room for doubts.

New Lock Installation Services

Is my door gonna be damaged if I install a new lock? If you ask our professional locksmith to come over and to do your fresh lock installation, for sure is not gonna be any damage! The locksmith takes care of the door. He will use a special machine to make everything nice and smooth. It’s a pattern and he has the experience already. So, the chances of an unsuccessful work are minimum!

Your door is a major point of your home security that’s why it is really important to choose the best lock option you can for your door. Because the burglars are ,,better and smarter” each and every day, many homeowners prefer to upgrade their security with high-security locks. This way, they try to prevent burglaries.

Really important, without a professional who knows how to carefully fitting the lock into the edge of the door, one could risk deteriorating the door and the lock’s components. Nobody wants that!

The Process

After you choose a new lock, we need to cut it and to drill the door and the door frame. To do this, a locksmith uses specific measurements and special tools. We will do a customized lock installation of your particular door. The process is standard but he will customize the installation for your needs. Talk to your locksmith on-site and let him know about any special requests in advance.

Fresh Installation in 3 steps:

Here are the steps our locksmith will follow when he will install the lock for you:

  • First, he will mark out everything. This way it will be easier to fit the lock in the place. Afterward, we will do the holes for the lock and latch. More than that, he will drill a new hole in the door edge, because he needs some room for the lock faceplate.
  • Next, he will connect the faceplate and one bolt. In the meantime, he will check is everything is aligned as it is meant to be. Moreover, the locksmith will place the lock and he will install the strike plate.
  • Lastly, the locksmith gives you the new keys. You know what they say: fresh keys, fresh start! Enjoy! And be safe!

Mostly, our fresh lock installations have various styles, it depends on the client’s need and on the type of wood of the doors. Nevertheless, we can show you many new lock installations examples. There’s an extensive variety of door models but the idea is the same. We can talk with you more on the phone about your particular situation, just give us a call!

Common Door Lock Installation Mistakes made by unprofessional locksmiths/DIY homeowners:

New Lock Incorrect orientation: If you place the new doorknob or deadbolt improperly, you will make the most common mistake every beginner is doing. The bad thing is that you only realize it after the screws are in. Make sure you’re looking at the new lock in the correct orientation! Don’t make the biggest mistake everyone is doing!

Align the New Lock the Wrong Way: When a deadbolt door lock is replaced, the deadbolt has to be aligned correctly. Otherwise, the best alternative is to purchase an entire new door. We are sure you don’t want that…

Drilling the Holes Wrong: There’s a trick only a professional will know. When you drill the door, you have to switch sides to continue drilling at some point. This way, there will be no damage to the door. Here is the difference between a professional and an amateur: only a professional knows when is the perfect moment to do that!

Locking Yourself Out: Don’t forget to test out the new lock with the locksmith. If the lock has been installed by an amateur/yourself, there’s a big chance to lock yourself out of your home at some point. If the locksmith is not testing the lock in front of you, ask him to do it! It is important to have toe proof that your lock is in good working order.

Call NW Locksmith NOW!

We know, you might be one of those people that think it’s easy. Maybe you consider the installation of a new door lock or doorknob just a simple task. But even if you don’t realize it, it only takes one minor mistake in the installation process to prevent a lock from working properly. That’s how you put your security and your peace of mind at risk. Any mistake will undoubtedly create an extremely frustrating situation. You can either be burglarized or you can find yourself locked out. And in these situations, for sure the locksmith will have to destroy the lock for you. Please, try to stay away from this and call us! There’s no point to risk anything just to save on a locksmith’s fees. Security is the most important in everyone’s house! Take it as an investment in your family!

If you find yourself in a particularly frustrating situation, there’s no shame in contacting NW Locksmith for help! Give us a call at 07383010010 for assistance with any of your needs – we work ‘round the clock in North West London!

Here you can have a sneak-peak of today’s job in NW1 – a Fresh Lock Installation request:

Give us a call at 07383010010 for assistance with any of your needs! We 24/7 in North West London and we are ready to help you out!

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