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How much do locksmiths charge? That’s a frequent question in London because every locksmith company has a different policy. So, if you’ll have a quick look on the Internet at how much a locksmith can charge in London, you’ll find out that this may vary a lot. It depends on so many things such as how many hours a locksmith has to work on-site but also on every particular situation. Also, it depends on the hour when the locksmiths are carrying their work. For an accurate quotation, you can call NW Locksmith. But even by calling us or sending us pictures, there are some things we can’t see only virtual, therefore the price slightly may be changed on-site in exceptional cases.

Why locksmiths are charging different prices?

By living in London, a metropole with so many buildings, flats, houses, commercial spaces, etc., is obvious that all the doors in this city have to be closed, one way or another. Therefore we’re speaking about hundreds (if not thousands) of models and types of locks. This being said, prices are different from lock to lock because every situation is different.

What else can affect the locksmiths prices?

Not only the lock can be subject to the price change, but also the time. NW Locksmith can dispatch locksmiths at any given time, 24 hours – all our locksmiths are 24 hour locksmiths. That means that carrying a job during the night time or after 10 PM (at other companies this applies after 8 PM) is a bit more expensive than the daytime. The locksmiths also charge labor according to their time spent on site.

For instance, an average charge by our locksmiths for a lock change is 59 pounds. Usually, this is the standard price the office will give to the customer when they call here: 07383010010. You, as a customer, should expect that this price can be a bit higher if the technician spends more than 1 hour on the site and if your situation is more complicated than a regular open door, for example. So, NW Locksmiths is willing to help its potential customers but we recommend having a chat with the locksmiths before start the work. This way, you are aware of the final cost upfront. The locksmiths can easily get quickly trough the prices they can offer for your situation and ONLY when you agree they’ll start working.

Price changes with locksmiths on-site

For example, you are lockout of your house. You quickly call a locksmith company. You’ll receive a guidance price for a simple open of your door (non-destructive method of opening). Usually, day-light time prices are starting from 59 pounds + VAT (depends on every company). This price is applied only in case locksmiths can open that door by using a simple non-destructive method. If they’ll notice that your lock is auto-deadlocking the price might go up, being necessary another opening approach.

A relevant example of a different price

Many times the customers ask the locksmith companies how much will they charge to open their door. It’s impossible for a phone call assistant to guess what type of door and lock a customer has on their doors. Mostly, the customers refer to their lock as “simple Yale lock”. This largely used term to describe a lock can be confusing for the dispatch team. The phone call assistants don’t have the same training as our locksmiths, as they have other expertise and organizational tasks, according to their job. As the majority of the doors can be open simply, they’ll not keep you on the line too much with details and they will offer you only an orientation standard opening price – and this is 59 pounds.

Be clear and honest when you call for locksmiths

Once on the site, the locksmiths may realize that the “simple Yale lock’ actually is not as simple as the customer claim. Now, he will explain what type of lock are you actually have and what’s the opening method he needs to approach. The opening methods and the prices are on our website, and you can double-check the locksmith prices and how much you can pay for a locksmith here… Sure, if the method is simple, the price will be as low as you are expecting. More than that, easily, the confusion might come when the customers asking “how much it will cost me to open the door?”. Yes, the price is STARTING FROM 59 pounds, but if on-site the locksmiths will find out that the customer has more than 1 lock closed, in this situation, you should expect to pay more than £59. Normally, the charge is per lock.

Emergency vs. non-emergency locksmiths prices

Of course, the emergency cases are different than non-emergency and that can affect the final price of the locksmith. Our locksmiths are trying to give priority to the emergency cases, not because of the higher price, but because the situation itself requires them quickly. Therefore, NW Locksmith sending locksmiths every day to carry all types of jobs.

What is a locksmith emergency?

The emergency situations like a lockout or securing properties after a break-in have priority over the lock change jobs or, let’s say, opening the garage door. Therefore, the price is slightly higher when it’s an emergency. Do not feel left aside because you don’t have priority over, let’s say, a baby trapped inside or pots left on fire. It is common sense and only human to help the people who are in trouble first, don’t you think? Remember! But our locksmiths can’t prioritize all the time the emergency situations, even if they are doing all they can to be speedy. Also, keep in mind! We treat you as an emergency situation if you say so!

Other situations for different prices

Please don’t think that our locksmiths are coming to charge you a fortune for no reason. Remember! Firstly, locksmiths are coming because you need them. Our NW Locksmiths are coming to help you anywhere in North West London. Although there are situations when they have to charge you differently if they have to work more, for example – it’s only fair.

Example of a locksmith price change

For example, you might think that your cylinder is not working anymore and call our locksmith company to change it. Therefore, there’s a generic estimated price of 59 pounds + parts + VAT from the office. NW Locksmith is dispatching its security experts and well-trained locksmiths to people’s houses. It’s the locksmith’s job to tell you what parts are faulty and what you need to change. Taking the example with the cylinder lock-change, the locksmith realizes that the cylinder is faulty because of your multi-point mechanism. It’s quite clear that now you have to change 2 parts and is gonna take him a bit longer than you expected. It is normal in this situation to charge you more, don’t you think?


Our locksmiths will give you ALL the prices beforehand. They will proceed ONLY if you agree with ALL the locksmith costs! We have a transparent policy and we wanna make our costumers happy.

When I’m not gonna pay more than I was initially quoted?

Sometimes it happens to be necessary to change all your locks for various reasons. Maybe you are asking other locksmiths around for quotations. NW Locksmith can send a technician over yours. After he analyzes and measures everything, he will have a clear idea of what locks to replace. Also, the price of the locks depends on what type of security you want. The final quote will be communicated to the head office. The office will make a package price for you and we will let you know about it! If you are happy with the given price, we will go ahead with this fixed quotation! In this case, the locksmiths will not discuss anything about the price again, they’ll just carry on the work. It requires some time until NW Locksmith will analyze completely your situation. We are talking here about big jobs. Also, this is a non-emergency case!

Other special price situation with the locksmiths:

– you call a locksmith on the Christmas day or Bank Holiday

– you were asking for a technician and you will not be there (if you delay his schedule). Remember! You might not have an emergency, but the locksmiths may have other customers with real emergencies waiting for them. Therefore, locksmiths can be in a hurry!

– If you didn’t specify how many locks do you have closed – the opening charge is per lock! Remember! If you have, for instance, 3 locks closed on your door, please let us know. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the charge will be £59 X 3 locks. Probably one or two locks will only be unlocked by a hard method. In this case, the price will be accordingly with the method of opening/lock. In case you are not prepared for this situation and the technician is already there, you have to pay a cancellation fee.

– also, if the locksmiths are trying to open the door for the given price and after doing their best, they realize that the door needs to be open by damage at the door. It’s our internal policy to not do anything and stop at that moment. At that moment he will communicate with you what’s the situation of your door. Also, he will tell you how much more you’ll have to pay for this different type of door open.

NW Locksmith advice:

  • If you need a price for our locksmith’s services, please visit our website regarding our locksmith prices. Feel free to contact us if you have doubts with something about our locksmiths price list. Our team will gladly help you out at any time.
  • Do not call locksmiths to your address if you are not ready to pay a minimum amount for a simple job.
  • Always ask our locksmiths all the necessary questions until you know what type of job they doing for you and how much you’ll have to pay in the end. We are professional locksmiths and we do not afford to argue with our customers, mostly when it comes to money!
  • If you already called our locksmith company, no matter how desperate you are, DO NOT call other companies at the same time! You’ll finally end up paying more! You can call another company as long as you are calling back the previous locksmith company and cancel the job. Remember! If the situation is a desperate one and you need the locksmiths now, try to stay calm and think. If you want to cancel the previous company, make sure that is not too late or the previous locksmiths are not a few minutes close. Also, a cancellation fee might be involved with all the companies you cancel.

NW Locksmith policies about extra charges or other fees

As a professional locksmiths team, NW Locksmith tries to help as many peoples as possible. We are not trying to come to your door with all types of fees just to get into your pocket. Yes, we know that these types of situations are happening in London with many other locksmith companies but not with us! We are sending only professional locksmiths to your door to try to improve your security in a clear and transparent way. As long as you understand that we are a company and we have to charge you accordingly, both parts will be happy in the end.

About cancellation fee

There is no hidden intention to start sending locksmiths to your address, only to collect a £40 cancellation fee. It costs us more than £40 to dispatch locksmiths rather than not to. If our locksmiths can’t proceed in helping you due to different reasons, they will communicate that with you. Therefore, in this case, they’ll NOT collect the cancellation fee. You have to understand that once you are calling locksmiths companies, already it cost them something. A cancellation fee is requested only when there are different reasons for the customer to cancel. This fee is requested if the clients suddenly are canceling the jobs when our locksmiths driving already more than 25 minutes. Also, the cancellation fee is not applying if the job it’s canceled due to our technician’s fault.

How it works

NW Locksmith does not accept to carry a work until the price is communicated upfront by our locksmiths. The locksmiths from NW Locksmith will not start doing a job and tell you the price at the end like other companies!!

Here at NW Locksmith, we have a “no hidden fees” policy; it means that we have to make sure that everybody’s clear with the price before starting the job. There are no hidden fees but if the locksmith finds any additional broken parts or if the job requires more resources, the bill might be different.

Payment after the job

NW Locksmith is requesting the payment on the spot, after the job, with no exception for the regular customers. You don’t have to feel insulted by our locksmiths if they are requesting the payment after the job. It’s not their fault; that’s how they been instructed. If you feel uncomfortable with this policy, please give us a call. But due to numerous abuses at NW Locksmith address regarding payments, unfortunately, we have this policy. Locksmiths have specific instructions to NOT leave an invoice to the customer before collecting the payment. If any problems occur, or if you feel uncomfortable about this policy, feel free to contact us. We will find a solution!

About the method payments , you can pay :

  • By card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Paypal

NW Locksmith will not accept payment by card trough the phone due to security reasons.

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