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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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NOW, WHAT? In case of an emergency, if you find yourself locked out of the house, don’t hesitate to call as quickly as possible. CALL NOW! 07383010010

Though, if you are not in a rush, we do recommend you to think about the following aspects, before you call a locksmith.

Locked Out Of House
Locked Out Of House CALL NOW! 07383010010

What Do I Do Now if I am Locked Out Of House?

Everyone does mistakes, you don’t have to start blaming but finding a solution. With our busy daily schedules and the frequent distractions of everyday life, it is easy to forget your keys. For example, locking ourselves out of our own homes can be one of them. We’re only human, after all…

Locking yourself out of your home can be a minor inconvenience that results in, say, running late to work. However, it can be a much more dangerous situation if young children or pets are locked inside while you are locked out of house. Don’t panic if you don’t have your keys! There are many other options for getting back inside quickly and easily. Please, don’t try to break in through a window or by breaking down a door, as this process will involve higher fixing costs. Just remain calm, and consider the next options:

1. If you are locked out of house call a Friend, Roommate, or Family Member

It can be a good idea to give someone you trust a copy of your key for situations like this. Maybe a trusted neighbor? A roommate, friend, or family member? Anyway, please choose someone responsible and is usually available (not traveling frequently) to help you out in case of an emergency. This way, it would be easy to call them and ask if they can let you inside if you are locked out of house. Otherwise, it would be no point…

2. Locate a Spare Key

Even if we do not recommend this option, many people choose to hide a spare house key around their homes for situations just like these. The well-known hiding places like the front doormat or under a potted plant are the first place where any burglar will have a look first. Anyway, if you know you have a spare, don’t forget to check that place first! But, for your peace of mind, please choose the first option better.

3. Do you have any other doors?

Mostly, in London, there are plenty of houses with back doors and the costumers usually don’t think about that option. A back door, a side door, or window could save you from a call to a locksmith. As we’ve already mentioned, please don’t attempt to get back in by breaking a window. You could hurt yourself and the repairs can be more expensive if the window is not open. Also, does your back door have a doggie door for access for your pets? If so, if you can squeeze through there, you’ll be in at some point!

In a good scenario, if you have access to a toolset you could be inside really quick! If this is your case, all you have to do is to remove a doorknob on the door that doesn’t have deadbolts. Check to see if there are any screws on your doorknob or a plate that can be removed by a screwdriver. Make sure you’re using the right screwdriver for the screws on your doorknob. If you don’t feel comfortable with this process it is better to call us. Luckily, a locksmith can ensure you that your property is safe and secured when he leaves.

4. Call a Professional Locksmith if Locked out

In conclusion, if you find yourself locked out of home and none of the solutions above will work for you, call NW Locksmith. We can help at any time with emergency professional locksmith services. Moreover, a locksmith is often the safest, easiest, and quickest option if you wanna regain access when you are locked out of the home. Our NW Locksmith locksmiths are trained on the latest locksmith technology. We’re always here when you need us.

So, give your local NW Locksmith a call. For sure, we’ll have you back inside your home as soon as possible with fast, professional, and reliable service. CALL NOW! 07383010010

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